Amid Absolute Absurdity, Thursday's Debate Spotlighted America as a Shining City Upon a Hill



During Thursday night’s Democratic debate — due to which Dave Rubin lamented he picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue — there was, as expected, mucho goofiness.


Our rich Uncle Bernie called Trump the most dangerous president in history:

And Beto O’Rourke — who seems absolutely hellbent on losing as steeply as is mathematically possible — taped what BlazeTV called a campaign ad for Donald Trump. The anti-privileged millionaire privileged millionaire vowed to take away your hunting rifles because, prior to now, “they’ve” been allowing you to shoot each other:


But there was at least one terrific thing offered during Thursday night’s showout blowout: Andrew Yang’s truly American story, about an actual immigrant participating in actual immigration — that would be, rather than what many Democrats and media figures have been inaccurately calling “immigration,” which is in fact its opposite.

In a bizarre move, the term has of late been employed to mean “choosing to not take part in our immigration system.”

But Andrew conjured it correctly. His origins are inspiring:

“My father grew up on a peanut farm in Asia with no floor. And now, his son is running for president. That is the immigration story that we have to be able to share with the American people.”

Andrew truly is proof that the American dream is alive and well for those who believe in a better life — in this greatest country on earth, what Ronald Reagan called “a shining city upon a hill”:

Being that — were he to receive the nomination — he would ultimately face the GOP incumbent, Andrew understandably tried to contrast himself with Trump. Unfortunately, he did so in a way that made absolutely no sense, given that the purpose of a border barrier is to prevent people from sneaking into the country, not keep people from actually immigrating:


“[I] am the opposite of Donald Trump in many ways. He says, ‘Build a wall;’ I’m going to say to immigrants, ‘Come to America, because if you come here, your son or daughter can run for president. The water’s great.'”

Of course, a wall doesn’t keep out immigrants; immigrants come in through immigration.

Oh well, it was a Democratic debate; rightfulness could only last so long.

Nonetheless, his story is inspiring. And here’s a bonus: While some on the far Left — including the mayor of New York — have claimed America “was never great”…

…Andrew praised the U.S. and spoke of its “continued” success:

“This country has been a magnet for human capital for generations. If we lose that, we lose something integral to our continued success.”

America is indeed a nation of immigrants, and Andrew Yang is a reminder of that.

It’d be fantastic to see more similar moments during the debates; lamentably, we’re more likely to hear Julián Castro champion taxpayer-funded abortions for men who would otherwise eject infants from their peeholes(?):


Goobers gonna goob.



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