Julian 'Men Can Get Pregnant and Tornadoes are Racist' Castro Slams Trump - the President's 'Bizarre'



On Sunday, 2020 Democratic lunger Julián Castro insulted Trump over his negotiation efforts related to the Taliban and leaders of Afghanistan.

A secret meeting had originally been planned, but it was ultimately canceled, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling any talks “dead” “for the time being.”


Hence, Julián tried to clamp down on the President during a spot on NBC’s Meet the Press:

“This is the worst president when it comes to negotiating, I think, that we’ve had in a very long time.”

Strong words. But at least he said “in a very long time” rather than the seemingly more popular (and much dumber) “ever.” There’s nothing quite like someone imagining they know everything that’s ever happened in history and contrasting it with the record-making evil of Trump.

Castro continued:

“It’s another bizarre episode. It’s more of this erratic behavior that people are tired of.”

Lift the needle from the record, please.

“Another bizarre episode” — interesting choice of words from a guy who stood in front of the world and explained to us that men can get pregnant, sometimes necessitating taxpayer-funded abortions (here).

Would that constitute an instance of the bizarre?

Or how about Wednesday’s episode of the erratic, during which Julián literally claimed weather is racist and goes after non-whites (here)?

And he promised to even the score against those small-minded sectarian cyclones.

He’s saving us from blatantly black-hatin’ blizzards! He’s rescuing us from horrible hood-wearin’ hurricanes!


Back to Meet the Press, the future Equalizer and former Housing and Urban Development secretary outlined his reasons Trump’s shenanigans are bizarre:

“First of all, I think like most Americans, I don’t know what to believe anymore, what comes out of the mouth or the tweet of this president. … But if [a physical trip to Camp David had actually been planned], if it had been planned, that’s bizarre as well. Even though I do support negotiated political settlement there that will increase stability and make sure Afghanistan is not used as a base of terrorist operations, it’s very odd to invite a terrorist organization like that to Camp David. That’s not in keeping with the way that the United States negotiates.”

But, bizarrely, here’s what Julián, apparently, could absolutely believe: that Donald Trump laid back, opened his legs, and a baby came out.

That wouldn’t be bizarre.

And that fact is…well, you know what it is.


Take that, racist rain.



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