Antifa Lunges for Idiot Supremacy - Interrupts an 'Ending Racism' Event and Calls a Black Man a White Racist



In life, you can make sense.

Or, you can put on a mask, run around and hurt people and break things, use words you can’t define, and make statements that are stunningly daft.


Sophie’s choice.

For 40 folks in Pennsylvania, the superior option was obvious.

Daryl Davis — a black man who’s worked to rehabilitate members of white supremacist groups — was speaking at an “Ending Racism” event which was meant to “create dialogue and promote viewpoint diversity.”

Sound okay?

Not to over three dozen protestors: They were there to — among other things — call Daryl a “white supremacist.”

I’ll say that again: As reported by The Daily Caller, 40 members of Antifa showed up to protest an Ending Racism event and call a black man — upon whom, according to his website, was conferred the Bridge Builder Award — a white supremacist.

Some Antifa members called Davis, who is black, a white supremacist for attending the event.

Actually, maybe it does make sense: Perhaps Antifa understands the English language to work in opposites — after all, it’s a pro-fascism organization which, for some reason unknown, calls itself “anti-fa…”

Therefore, perhaps they took “Ending Racism” to be “Starting Racism.” And they meant to let black person Daryl know he’s not a racist white person.

In that case, please allow me to say: Antifa is a group of geniuses.

They are in no way morons.

Now back to language the normal way–

Here’s what Daryl told the Daily Caller News Foundation:


“I laughed. I thought it was funny. What it proves is they had no point. They had no evidence of anything. When it boils down to just name-calling people, and you don’t show any proof and you refuse to talk to them…they refused to even come in. There were no Klansman or Neo-Nazis in there or alt-right people.”

Antifa was welcomed to the afterparty, but they were party poopers.


Daryl expounded:

“They [Antifa] want to shut down any dialogue with racists, people who have differing views of their own. Their thing is, you know, just beat it out of them or make it impossible for them to meet.

“A lot of these groups – let’s take Black Lives Matter, let’s take Antifa, let’s take the Ku Klux Klan – none of these groups today are centralized. They’re all autonomous … It’s the same thing with Antifa.

“Half of them may believe (in) what they’re doing…they may believe that they’re doing some good. But I truly believe that the other half of them are simply into anarchy … They’re anti-racist, so they’re gonna go beat up people who are racist – but this is the exact same thing the racists do. They’re not behaving any differently.”

On Facebook, the black Caucasian who hates himself and others (not) like him noted that he’d been called lots of names before, but “white supremacist” takes the cake.

And in case you’re wondering why the “#MINDS New Jersey: Ending Racism, Violence and Authoritarianism” event was held at a center in Pennsylvania: It was originally planned for a theater in New Jersey.


But Anti-fascism threatened to burn it down.

Way to go, everybody.

Stellar work.



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