Experience and Knowledge vs...Whatever She Has: AOC vs Dan Crenshaw on Universal Background Checks - Who Ya Got?!



Fight! Who ya got?!

In this corner: war hero Dan Crenshaw.

In the other: hero in the war against cow farts, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

How it started: Dan tweeted about a woman in Houston who defended herself in a robbery. Her weapon of choice? That black or silver tubal thing, a gun.


He insisted that “situations like this story are why we protect the 2nd Amendment.”

Dan added that universal background checks would prohibit him from loaning his friends a gun when they’re traveling alone.

Check it out:

AOC doesn’t understand why anyone would loan a gun. And it must mean their friends can’t pass a background check:

As many are at the words of the frequent flyer who wants to ban air travel, Dan was dumbfounded:

AOC tried to teach some of Dan’s defenders about the world:


And there was this:

New York is one of the safest states when it comes to guns?

What she doesn’t know is that “guns” do not make a place unsafe. Where are you safer — with a friend in a room filled with guns, or with a murderer in a room with none?

As for “America outside NYC,” I’d guess Alexandria could benefit from taking a few years off and traveling around America, staying with people in the heartland. Maybe she’d get a sense of the country she intends to serve.

She certainly hasn’t seen enough. Until recently, the congressional freshman — who believes Republicans created the Jewish/Muslim conflict — had never laid eyes on a garbage disposal.

And if you think that’s bad: The twentysomething who’s paid $174,000 a year to make laws that others have to follow…has never even seen American prosperity.




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