Candace Owens Relives Last Year's Chicken and Waffles Antifa Antagonism and Pegs the Group Perfectly (Video)

[Screenshot from Daily Caller,]
[Screenshot from Daily Caller,]


In July of last year, conservative commentator Candace Owens and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk went out for some chicken and waffles for breakfast.

It didn’t go nicely — a group of goons showed up to ruin the experience with chants of “F*** the bourgeoisie!”

In case you’re unclear, the word means — according to Oxford — “the capitalist class who own most of society’s wealth and means of production.”

Obviously, that’s another way of saying “individuals who own businesses.” The Big Business socialist alternative, of course, is the politicians (via the government) owning all products and means of production and doling out resources as they choose — at whatever monopolistic price they demand.

That was the initial protest of choice. One participant sported a shirt which read “Feast on Those Who Subdue Us.” Another few shouted through bullhorns.

Imagine getting a shower, getting dressed, getting in your car — along with a bullhorn with fresh batteries and homemade signs. Imagine driving across town to a place where you’ll stand outside and yell, making an absolute fool of yourself.

Now conceive of, if you will, how armed with information you’d have to be in order to do that.

Imagine how much you’d have studied, how powered by information you’d be, how armed with knowledge…in order to do something that most all who saw would immediately consider abjectly insane.

Yet, as Candace rightly points out — while she watches the video in a clip provided by The Daily Caller — many who do the above haven’t even paused to find out the meaning of words they’ll be using:

“This isn’t the most educated bunch, I’d say. I mean, they are named ‘Antifa,’ and what they literally do is shut down speech. They are the actual fascists, and they call themselves the anti-fascists. So there’s that.”

Another choice chant: “”F*** white supremacy.”

“I don’t think they had processed that they were the white people and I was black,” she marvels.

And here’s Candace saying what I seem to be constantly writing out of reflexive necessity:

“They just say everything over and over again because they’re just used to it. There’s no thinking involved.”

That’d be a Bingo!

Candace compares the goob crew to characters from Game of Thrones:

“They’re just, like, a mob of White Walkers.”

So what’s the goal of the mob? Candace thinks she knows:

“They don’t want us to be heard. That’s the whole point of a fascist, right? They don’t want us to be heard. Because there’s nothing that we say that advocates for white supremacy, but in order for them to pretend that we do, they have to shout that and hopefully confuse people that are walking around that they’re actually combating white supremacy…by kicking a black girl out of a restaurant.”

Watch Candace review the absolute mania — the screams, the whistles, the lunacy. At 8:30 in the morning.

We’ve got a big problem.



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