Meet Joe Black: Biden Does His Best to Convince Black People He's Down - By Insisting He's Not Even Uncomfortable Around Them

Vice President Joe Biden speaks as he campaigns for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Bucks County Community College in Bristol, Pa., Friday, Oct. 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Vice President Joe Biden speaks as he campaigns for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Bucks County Community College in Bristol, Pa., Friday, Oct. 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)




Joe Biden wants to become president.

Therefore, he wants America’s vote.

White people constitute a majoritynot merely a plurality — of the country.

Therefore, Joe Biden wants to…slam white people?

Interesting strategy.

I can’t think of any venue other than politics where a person would insult the very people they should need in order to succeed. But perhaps I’m not considering the Democratic finesse of such a move.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, on Tuesday, Joe finessed his head off to a small group of reporters.

He also took the increasingly popular view that the 50’s were right: People should be separated as white and non-white (now “people of color”).

Hit it, Joe:

“White folks are the reason we have institutional racism. There has always been racism in America. White supremacists have always existed; they still exist.”

Did he forget he’s white folks, too? In fact, he’s worse: He’s white folks in power.

The former VP appears intent upon snagging the support of black Americans — really intent:

“The bad news is I have a long record. The good news is I have a long record. People know me — at least they think they know me. I think after all this time, I think they have a sense of what my character is, who I am.”


Do it to it, Joe:

“I’ve never, ever, ever in my entire life been in a circumstance where I’ve ever felt uncomfortable being in the black community.”

Is it just me, or in an effort to come across stunningly hip, did he just out himself as a winceworthily out-of-it whitey who grew up in the 40’s?

No matter, he wanted to heavily hammer it in:

“All I know is I don’t think anybody in the community thinks I am — what’s the phrase? ‘I know you’re not a racist, Joe.'”

Pssst. Joe. Stop immediately. You’re really, really not coming across the way you think.

“I don’t think anyone thinks that about me.”

Dang it.

He’s so earth-scorchingly UberWoke, he’ll probably even pick a running mate who’s maybe one of them non-whites:

“Whomever I pick would be preferably someone who was of color and who was of a different gender, but I’m not making that commitment until I know that the person I’m dealing with I can completely, thoroughly trust, is authentic, and is on the same page.”

Joe also slammed Donald Trump, saying a president’s words can “appeal to the worst damn instincts of human nature.”


But a better insult altogether came from a couple AP writers who covered this story.

Here’s what they had to say, and it’s pretty incredible:

By highlighting the nation’s racial tensions and placing blame on Trump, Biden is showing that he, too, is willing to make race a core campaign issue, but from the opposite perspective of the president.

They stated — as if it were a simple point of fact — that Donald Trump is making race a core campaign issue.

Who talks about race — Donald Trump, or the media?

And notice that Trump’s factually from the “opposite perspective” of being pro-non-white.

Dear All Left-Wing Writers and Talking Heads:

By and large, Donald Trump doesn’t talk about race. YOU talk about race. You talk about it and talk about it and talk about it, and then you talk about it. You never stop talking about it. And seemingly, every time Trump opens his mouth and talks about things which are not about race, you senselessly claim that’s all they concern.

Like a buncha maniacs.

Please stop. You’re making me spill my grape juice.

Love and Hugs,
Alex Parker

P.S. And to all y’all who are white: Please stop your institutional racism and white supremacy.





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