Alyssa Milano Tweets for Gun Control, But What of Common Sense?



Some people can’t understand the concept of defending oneself against deadly attacks.

On Sunday, actress-turned-political-bullhorner Alyssa Milano tweeted the following:


“BREAKING: UNFATHOMABLE! The NRA is seeking MORE constitutional protection for guns. While McConnell is doing nothing to protect us from gun violence, Dem Senators are filing an amicus brief tomorrow in the Supreme Court to stop them.”


Odd; it’s unfathomable that she thinks it’s unfathomable.

The outspoken tweeter notes the need to “protect us from gun violence.”

Ultimately, as terrible as it is, there’s only one thing that can protect us from gun violence: gun violence.

That’s the whole point of being able to own a firearm for self-defense.

That’s why the police carry them — there’s no other way to adequately protect themselves from bad guys who have guns and won’t obey the murder laws.

Shouldn’t the fact that there’s a black thing with a handle and trigger on the hip of every cop clue people into what’s the best defense against gun violence?


It’s like Ice-T said: “I’ll give up my guns when everyone else [gives up theirs].”

The reason we have mass murder is that some people won’t obey the law against it.

And that leaves us with a significant question: How do you protect yourself against people who don’t obey the law?

Some on the Left have an answer: Make a law.

I’ll say that again, because the confusing nature of it bears repeating: Some believe the way to trip up and score over those who don’t obey the law is to snare them with…a law.


Mission accomplished.


You cannot be protected by a law from those who don’t obey laws.

Can someone get this on a T-shirt, and fast? Or write it in the sky? How can the message be delivered to those who believe the very thing someone won’t do is the very thing they will always do?

You can’t defend yourself against an attacker with garlic unless they’re Dracula. You can’t protect yourself against an assaulter with Kryptonite unless they’re Superman. You can’t fight back against an assailant with water unless they’re the aliens from Signs or the Wicked Witch of the West.

And you can’t defend against an attacker with a law unless they’re a law-abiding citizen.


To not recognize this seems…unfathomable.



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