Democrats Oppose Republicans' Plan to Stiffen Penalties for Soaking the NYPD. Are They Right?



I’d say it’s a less-than-wise decision to throw a bucket of water on a cop. I don’t imagine a scenario where that ends with a smile on the pale-tosser’s face.


But apparently, some people can.

Hence, enter a Republican bill increasing penalties for such a bold act, which has happened more than once recently to the New York Police Department.

In fact, videos of the dampening deed have gone viral.

See for yourself:

The police union’s denounced the attacks, and now here we are with legislation.

The Big Apple’s ABC 7 reports:

The measure would make it a Class E felony to throw or spray water, or any other substance, against an on-duty police or peace officer. The charge would be punishable by up to 1 to 4 years in prison.

“What we are witnessing in New York City is disgraceful,” said [Long Island Assemblyman Mike LiPetri]. “A culture of blatant disrespect for law enforcement has been fostered and encouraged simply for political gain which has resulted in such despicable acts of hate becoming acceptable in our communities. New York State must send a message that this will not be tolerated and I am confident that this bill provides law enforcement the tools they need to properly react.”

Some on Twitter are certainly against the move:

One user’s apparently been listening to Colin Kaepernick:


Ben Norton saw it as a ludicrous exaggeration:

Those tweeters aren’t alone — they’ve got backup among Democrats in power.

As noted by the New York Post, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie had this to say:

“[I] don’t know if always proposing new penalties and laws [is the answer] … I think on the positive end we should continue to try and establish more of a community and police response. I think that’s more beneficial instead of always saying ‘we are going to lock people up. … I think people should respect the police department but I think Police should also respect communities.”

NYC Public Advocate (an elected position) Jumaane Williams agrees.

His spokesperson explained to The New York Daily News:

“The public advocate has consistently said that dousing officers with water is dangerous, shameful and unacceptable, but this proposal is a major overreaction and overcriminalization of an activity which is already illegal. Clearly these continued actions need to stop, but hyperbole and headlines can’t drive criminal justice policy or counteract the progress we’ve made over years of reform.”


Do you think the legislation is called for? More specifically, do you believe it’s right?

If the act is already illegal, what’s to be gained by making it a felony? What’s to be lost, in the way of the public perception? I want to hear from you. Especially those of you in law enforcement.

And why do you think the cops tolerated the treatment in the first place? Those videos were surprising.

I look forward to learning from you in the Comments section.



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