Chris Cuomo Gives a Go at Being a Big Goofball...And the Kick is Good!



Here’s something you don’t much hear.

On Friday, Chris Cuomo called on his “white brothers and sisters” to do as he does.


I thought Trump was supposed to be all into being white, but it sounds as if Chris is.

The host previously, according to CNN, “[called] out members of the GOP for defending President Donald Trump’s racist remarks” (let’s talk about the meaning of the word — here).

That would be billionaire Donald John Trump, a video from whom was played at Chris’s brother Andrew’s bachelor party.

But Chris, apparently, has millions of brothers. And they’re all white.

So he told his bros in whiteness:

“Don’t be a sucker, my white brothers and sisters.”

He also threw out an endorsement of the segregation-era view that, ultimately, there are only two races — white and non-white (currently “people of color).

Perplexingly, he did all this to assert that some other guy views people solely according to the color of their skin.

Here we go:

“We’re missing the point of what the problem is with the President’s pattern of pounding people of color and the places they live. Here it is, his best defense: ‘I’m the least racist person there is in the world, as far as I’m concerned.’ First, this really matters: The ‘least racist’ doesn’t mean not racist.”


Thanks for the clarity, C-man. So everyone’s racist? Including Chris Cuomo?

More racial categorization:

“Last night…the only African-American Republican member of the House — think about that when you’re wondering why the party’s so quiet, think about that — he said, ‘I’m not seeking re-election.’ So now what about all the non-white members of the Congress on the Republican side? How long do they believe they can stay quiet…or pretend that this is not about politics of division?”

Does he understand the meaning of “division?”

It seems to me that a whole lot of TV pundits have picked up a contagion — one from which they believe they can inadvertently condemn their own actions and still be taken seriously. Or just plain say things that make no sense and groove on down the road.

I think someone may have carried that bug to Capitol Hill, too.

You’ve gotta watch him say this, but I’ll transcribe it here, as well. What a goob:

“What you ignore, you empower. And what you condone, you own. But too many…stop the damage at those who are being maligned, and those who should stand up against it — like I just did.”


Gyah, the Goofball level is threatening to break the meter.

Ya gotta watch it.

All this follows the President’s tweets about Baltimore and its terrible conditions, which — in fact — have been echoed by both parties (here, here, and here).

But Goobers gotta goob.



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