'Grey's Anatomy' Star Goes on Racist Rant & Gets Her Just Deserts. Or Maybe the Reaction Was Absurd




In case you haven’t heard, the definition of “racism” has changed.

The new definition: no definition.

That would be because “definition” suggests something specific. Something being defined. A term cannot be defined and at the same time refer to any and all things, which is where it seems we are with the previously-meaningful term.


Though, there has been a particular usage picking up steam over the last few years.

According to the wokest of woke, racism is no longer the judging of someone according to the color of their skin. Rather, it appears, it’s anything from someone who’s white directed against anyone who isn’t.


Just ask Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo — she recently tweeted in opposition to Kamala Harris.

The 49-year-old actress was responding to a post by Bloomberg noting the “emerging trend” of Kamala attacking Bernie Sanders.

See for yourself:

In a casual and mundane world, that would be a comment of nothingness.

But the most social-justice-aware among us exist, it seems, as the symbol of sloth in the movie Seven: “He’d die of shock right now if you were to shine a flashlight in his eyes.”

At any given moment, they’re Scarlett O’Hara just waiting to faint.

And from all indications, they grew up without a dictionary.




I guess it’s some of that New Math everybody’s talking about:

non-white Kamala to white Bernie + criticism = Not Racism

white Ellen to non-white Kamala + criticism = Racism

But to some, it didn’t add up:



And there was this:

Ellen herself was perplexed:

She ended the night thusly:

With the woke’s transformation, the world doesn’t just become much dumber; it also becomes…well, less defined.

And that’s a bummer to me, because they’re attacking something I very much love: the meaning of words.

It’s demeaning.



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