Joy Behar Calls Elizabeth Warren's Tuesday Night Medicare-for-All Push the Democratic Party's 'Death Knell'

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Every now and then, The View star Joy Behar goes against one of her own (like here).


On Wednesday, the liberal pundit called out Elizabeth Warren over her push for Medicare-for-All.

Not only is it, in Behar’s view, a “big mistake;” it’s a flat-out “death knell” for Democrats.

While going over the highlights from Tuesday’s Dem debate (one of which was, to me, Tim Ryan losinghere), Joy declared Joe Biden the victor.

And why? Though he wasn’t onstage, Joe won because of Elizabeth’s Medicare madness:

“I love Elizabeth Warren, but this Medicare-for-All with the exclusion of private insurance is the death knell of the party, in my opinion. I have Medicare, and I also have private insurance. I like it, all of it. I want all of it.”

You may be surprised:

“I’m not sure that these independents — Americans don’t want to give up their stuff. We’ve got it, we want it, and I think she’s making a big mistake. So that’s why I said Biden won, because he’s in the middle.”


So Joy thinks the populace doesn’t want Washington solely in charge of their healthcare? And they want the ability to purchase for themselves?

I’d wager she’s right.

A sizable chunk of Blue politicians likely disagree. Apropos, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez touts socialism, wherein the ultimate Big Business — the government — owns all products and means of production. That’s a monopolized system if there ever was one.

And Cory Booker believes patriotic people wanna give up more of their hard-earned resources to Uncle Bernie…I mean, Sam (here):

“We live in a nation with far more patriotism than people are expressing. What I mean by that is folks want the best for their country. And they know that if your family doesn’t have a great public school for your kid, if your family does not have great access to healthcare, then we all are suffering as a result of that and often creating greater costs. … We’re all hurting because we have not designed an economy that invests in each other.”

Joy’s lookin’ not so liberal after all.

Oh, wait; she also said the following: To oust Trump, she’d vote for “any functioning adult at this point.”

Yeah — that’s sounds more like it.


Welcome back, Behar. I thought we’d lost ya.



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