School Takes Field Trip to Exhibit Where Grown Woman Strips Naked for Underage Boys in Order to Fight Sexism



On social media earlier this week, a photo of a naked woman standing in front of underage boys went viral.

The picture memorialized an interactive art exhibit in the small Northern European nation of Estonia, wherein LGBT activist Mare Tralla does…


Well, I’ll let her Vimeo page explain it:

During the action ‘No ‘But’ Can Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!’ artist Mare Tralla covers up paintings and drawings by well known Estonian male artist Marko Mäetamm. The paintings depict sexist imagery of women. The slogans of Tralla’s cover-up read: “‘But he did not mean it this way!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he is a nice guy!” Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he smiles always!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But this is his humour!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he loves his wife!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he talks with a soft voice!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”

Here’s a censored version of the photo (the Vimeo page offers the whole kit and caboodle…of her danglies and thanglies — be warned).

As I’ve said before, one way to quickly convince people you’re nuts is to get naked in the process of trying to make a political point. In my view, it’s never a productive strategy.

Such as:


NUT: Left-Winger Fights Brexit By Stripping Naked On Live TV & Challenging Politician To Nude Debate

How To Save The Planet: During Brexit Debate, Climate Activists Glue Themselves To Parliament. Naked.

The interactive show lasts about 8 and a half minutes. Mare — who’s wearing some nifty yellow poolside sandals — strips buttcrack-nekkid and proceeds to walk around and cover up “sexist” images.

Some school administrators thought it was a good idea for kids to peep Mare’s crevasses and knobs, hence the photo.

On Vimeo and Twitter, some are calling it child abuse and questioning how different things would be if the sexes were reversed.

From Vimeo:

“She should be put in jail for undressing in front of all those kids.”

“She should be arrested… But it does depend on where the laws of where this happened. The reality is she is promoting sexism by doing such things. A man does that in the UK and hes going on the sex offenders register, he may even spend some time in Prison. But she would likely get away with it and she knows it.”

“It may be art, but it’s still pathetic, disgusting, and irresponsible. Most art is garbage.”

“Why should she be arrested? It’s art. Have you never been to a nude beach?”



But at least one Vimeo viewer believes showing babes in the buff is a parent’s responsibility:


Others labeled it child abuse:

“This isn’t art. This isn’t normal. This isn’t okay. This is child sex abuse.”

“This woman is sexually abusing children. She should be arrested.”

Is it different when it’s boys viewing women rather than the other way around?

Some people took an altogether different approach, eschewing the issue of children and abuse altogether:

What do you think about the nutty nekkid lesson in art and chauvinism? Is it abusive?


Please let us all know in the Comments section.



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