David Spade Offers a Refreshing A-List Attitude & New Late-Night Option for Those Tired of the Political Pounding



In an interview published by Variety Tuesday, actor/comedian David Spade revealed just how utterly woke he is. And by “woke,” I mean awake — to the world around him.


David clearly isn’t wholly blinded by a Hollywood bubble. He knows what most civilians well realize: that America is comprised of people with all sorts of viewpoints. That both the Left and the Right are in any given audience.

Judging from comments made by many in Tinseltown, there are more than a few who fail to notice this.

Discussing his upcoming late-night talk show — which will consist of a monologue, a panel of guests, and on-location pieces — the SNL alum explained it will focus on pop culture rather than the politics which seem to rule much of contemporary night-time talkies.

To quote Revelation, “Here is wisdom:”

“I don’t want half the crowd tuning me out.”

Nicely done!

He went on to say he’s “just not that smart,” and that “there are other guys doing it better.”

“I still like to make fun of everyone and what they are doing,” Spade explained, “but it’s more good-natured.”

I like it.

And he’s right: Nothing’s wrong with a bit of ribbing of our elected leaders; but when a show turns into a national political party’s convention — as many appear to with regularity — for a portion of the butts in the seats, the train’s substantially derailed.

Joe Dirt continued:

“When people do things, I think it’s fair game to make a few jokes, and then you move on — not too personal, of course.”

He made things similarly clear to The Daily Mail recently:


“The country is going to work or not work without me involved. So I will stay away and let all the other celebrities handle fixing that. At this point, it would be just piling on.”

David wants to offer “a non-political fun show.”

Sounds fantastic.

Lights Out with David Spade debuts on Comedy Central July 29th after The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Check it out if you want something different than the regular ranting rigmarole.



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