Top Congressional Democrat: Donald Trump is a 1960's-Style Racist, 'No Doubt'

[Screenshot from ABC News,]
[Screenshot from ABC News,]


In life, how many things are you completely sure of?

What are they? Your preference between crunchy and smooth peanut butter? Whether Nickelback rocks? Your favorite Batman?


For House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, one of the things about which he has “no doubt” is that President Donald Trump is a racist.

That’s right — somehow, New York’s most eccentric billionaire built a business empire, made public appearances and major deals, gave countless interviews and hobknobbed with Hollywood, popped up in major motion pictures, thrived among Democrats as an esteemed member, and even mentored black cultural leader Russell Simmons…and all along, he had this defining secret which somehow remained hidden from all.


An “R” was placed beside his name and BLAMMO — Hitler rises to the surface like so much cream.

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, Elijah told George Stephanopoulos all about it:

“The race card has long been part of the Trump playbook. How much farther will he go, at what cost to the country? … [Trump has] unleashed, raw, racist politics. It’s a tactic Trump has deployed so many times before, the reaction predictable too.”

Just kidding. That wasn’t Elijah. That was the ABC host. That’s how George began the segment (as per The Daily Wire).

Here’s Elijah, partly responding to the interviewer’s question of him being reminded of a 1962 atrocity:


“That’s right, George. We were trying to integrate a Olympic-size pool near my house and we had been constrained to a wading pool in the black community and we tried to integrate it and as we did march towards that pool over a course of six days, I was beaten and all kinds of rocks and bottles thrown at me.

“And the interesting thing is that I heard the same kind of chant, go home, you don’t belong here. And they called us the N word over and over and over again. And George, I got to tell you that I’m not the only person of color who have – who has had those kind of experiences.

“And what it does when Trump does these things, when the President does these things, it brings up the same feelings that I had over 50 some years ago and it’s very, very painful. It’s extremely divisive and I just don’t think that this is becoming of the President of the United States of America, the leader of the entire world.”

Elijah was, of course, referring to The Donald’s recent tweet aimed at the left-wing Freshman Fab Four (here) — Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and fartfighter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (here).

The congressman went on to defend the Quad Squad:

“These are folks and women who love their country … I’m going to tell you, these are some of the most brilliant young people that I have met and I am honored to — to — to serve with them.”


Oh, and people are frightened of the President:

“George, no matter where I go, what I’m hearing over and over again is — from my constituents is please save our democracy, please save our country. And you know something else they say, George? They say I’m scared. And I have not — I’ve never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say that they were scared of their leader.”

Then Stephanopoulos asked the biggie — “Do you believe President Trump is racist?”


“I believe he is — yes, no doubt about it. And — and I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I got to tell you, George — let me tell you, I get — when I think about what he said to these young ladies who are merely trying to bring excellence to government and trying to make sure that generations yet unborn have an opportunity to experience a true democracy, when I hear those things it takes me back, like I said. And — and — and I can still remember bleeding from my forehead when people were throwing bottles — and these were adults, throwing bottles and saying go home [racial slur].”

So there ya are. BLAMMO.



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