Donald Trump Jr. Flattens Wild Child Rashida Tlaib Over Her Video of Getting Forcibly Booted from a Trump Event



As covered Saturday by RedState’s Bonchie, in 2016, Rashida Tlaib went “absolutely insane” at a Trump event.

The member of Congress’s left-wing Freshmen Fab Four was physically ousted as the soon-to-be President outlined his economic policy at the Detroit Economic Club. While getting the boot, she shouted, “You guys are crazy!”


Submitted for your approval:

Here’s more. This is who Michigan elected to make its laws:


The video of Rashida’s removal went viral over the weekend, prompting some to give her the ol’ high-five:


One user fought the power of due process (unlike Al Franken Monday — here):

But, of course, some just thought she was a nut:

But what’s the Commander-in-Chief’s #1-tweeting offspring think about the spectacle? Twitter gunslinger Don. Jr. responded Sunday, with a comment on “crazy deplorables” and patriotic Americans who don’t judge people by the color of their skin:


Jr. has a knack for sharp quips comprised of less than 280 characters — see for yourself:

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And for a clip of a wild woman acting batty, set the above video to Loop. Or — if you wanna up your game — witness the apex of class and civility with this gem (WARNING: LANGUAGE).



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