Trump Supporter Miss Michigan Responds to the Stripping of Her Crown Over Charges of Racism & Islamophobia



As covered by RedState’s Bonchie, Miss Michigan was stripped of her Miss World America crown this week. The reason? She’s allegedly racist, insensitive, and Islamophobic.


See for yourself — I encourage you to read all of the below:

Kathy Zhu is…brace yourself, because I’m about to use this term accurately and apolitically, which you may not have heard in a while…an immigrant.

Her family moved to the U.S. when she was 5.

And the minority immigrant has been attacked online.

In response, Kathy posted a video to the web.

Here’s some of what she had to say:

“I just want to say thank you for all your support. It’s been a heck of a two days, honestly. Yesterday, I was crying when I first saw the messages and emails from the organization, but today is a new day, and today was amazing.”

Kathy noted the news story really is a tale of discrimination, but not as Miss World America believes:

“I’m so glad the story got brought into the public eye and the media because this is so much bigger than pageantry; this is about an organization discriminating against people with different opinions, calling people ‘racist’ even when they’re not.”


Kathy’s into words:

“Little attacks like those really, really diminish the value and the truth of the word ‘racism.’ There shouldn’t just be diversity of skin color; there should be diversity of thought, of mindset, of political affiliation.”

Say it ain’t so!

She’s unfortunately that lowest of all creatures: a Trump supporter.

But Kathy’s proud to take up the mantle:

“I’m so glad to be the voice for this right now, and I hope that other pageant organizations could really learn from this story and the situation, to not discriminate with others based on opinions. Don’t worry — I’ll still stand firm, stand my ground. I’m still going to continue to fight for what I believe in.”

Watch the full video below, and let us all know what you think in the Comments section.

We’ve reached a very strange place when politics reaches this deeply into a beauty pageant.





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