Trump Lambastes the Democratic Party Over its Move Toward Abortion Up Until Birth: 'What Happened to Our Values?’

[Screenshot from Fox News,]
[Screenshot from Fox News,]


At a North Carolina rally Wednesday, President Trump lamented the Democratic Party’s cultural shift on abortion to the most permissible degree possible:


“Virtually every top Democrat also now supports late-term abortion, ripping babies straight from the mother’s womb, right up until the moment of birth.”

He’s not wrong about the endorsement — please see my coverage of every 2020 candidate’s position on late-term abortion here.

The Donald also referenced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who famously talked of murdering an infant with nonchalance — see here.

“Well, then you have…our governor from Virginia. So we’re talking about late-term; he’s talking about [if] the baby is born before the mother makes the decision. That was the first…I’ve heard of it. That’s the first most of you have heard of it, and then they pass legislation in various states saying that’s okay.”

In April, I wrote the following:

After a photo of Ralph in blackface from a medical school yearbook went viral just weeks into the new year, there were calls for the slaying-an-infant-is-alright Dem’s stepping down (see him refuse to shake a black man’s hand here).

But what does that say about where we are? Ralph put on makeup (or, he was the Klansman; it remains unclear). Applying the worst possible things to that photo, it doesn’t equal endorsing legislation — as a man who signs bills into law — to murder babies. Yet, which seems to have gotten all the traction?


Trump took a similar route:

“This is a baby that’s born. Nobody’s ever heard anything like that. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it, and that actually when he had the scandal that became, can you believe it, the second biggest, can you believe that? How important it is, and yet that was the second biggest story. And what a shame when that’s the second biggest story.”

Then the President encapsulated the whole discussion, with a question some may not expect from New York’s most famed eccentric billionaire:

“What happened to our values?. Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift of God. And that’s why I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion of babies.”



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