Book Chronicling the Insanity to Stop Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hits #1, But the Media Are All Crickets. Coincidence?



As you may have heard via conservative channels, there’s a hot new book on the New York Times Best Seller list: Carrie Severino and Mollie Hemingway’s Justice on Trial chronicles the hysteria-soaked Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.


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There was certainly enough meat on that bone to fill a book — the abject insanity that surrounded the hearings was so bizarre that just thinking of it is making me need a nap.

Who also seems to have gone to sleep: the media.

The press hasn’t seemed interested in the book’s success, despite its place at #6 in the NYT rankings and its #1 snag on Amazon before it was even available.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the book was released July 9th, and it’s been crickets over at CNN, MSNBC, the AP, The Washington Post, CBS, and NYT.

Perhaps the silence is explained by National Review’s write-up of JOT, the headline for which was “The Plot Against Kavanaugh.”

From their review:

Many of these accusations were disproved immediately, but only after the media breathlessly reported them as worthy of consideration. The Rhode Island accuser admitted the story was false after the FBI looked into it, and more followed suit once their stories were exposed as frauds. But others hung on, and the Ford letter became the focus. The authors’ recounting of the tedious negotiations between Ford and Grassley just to get her to appear recalls the tension of those weeks and take the reader back to the craziness of the time.

The interest groups, protesters, mainstream media, and many of the Democratic senators themselves joined in a campaign to speak directly to the voters about defeating Kavanaugh — or anyone else Trump nominated. It was reminiscent, in some ways, of Trump’s 2016 campaign, in which he talked past reporters to address the voters directly through social media. But the Democrats were aiming at the wrong target. Their scattershot blasts of anti-Kavanaugh messages energized their base, but that base had already had their say and would not vote again until November. Even the Democrats could not stretch things out that long.


Co-author Mollie lamented the lack of MSM coverage:

“The New York Times’ first mention of our exhaustively reported and heavily researched book about the most important thing that happened to the country last year was when they had to place us on their best seller list. It is a sad reminder that many in the media are not interested in journalism but progressive advocacy.”

The Examiner noted such media mumness isn’t new:

It is a typical story, however, for some conservative books. For example, conservative talk show host Mark Levin’s latest, Unfreedom of the Press, was also ignored by media big shots, but debuted as the New York Times No. 1 best seller.

If you’ve got the energy to relive one of the last decade’s most mentally ill chapters in American politics, get your copy of the hardcover here.

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