Action Star Promises His Upcoming Movie Will 'Constantly' Address Toxic Masculinity



What do you do if you’re a hulking giant dude in a big Hollywood movie? You kick a** and take names.

Oh, wait — that’s was the 80’s.


These days you address toxic masculinity, you buncha misogynists.

That’s what actor Dave Bautista — of Guardians of the Galaxy — intends to do.

Teaming with Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani, Dave’s bringing Stuber to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporterreports:

The film, with Bautista as a rogue cop and Nanjiani as a straightlaced Uber driver, is meant to be a modern action movie, taking on toxic masculinity and calling out some classic action-hero tropes.

Move over, muscled-up Arnold. We’ve found your antidote.

Kumail told THR the definition of masculinity has for too long been narrow. And that’s hurt us all:

“I feel like we’re in a time where we can talk about masculinity and how it’s always been very traditionally defined in a narrow way and how that’s led to problems for everyone — for women and for men. I felt like it would be interesting to try to talk about that stuff in a traditionally very masculine genre. A buddy cop action comedy is such a dude movie, so we thought it would be interesting to talk about dude issues that also affect the whole world, in a traditionally male genre.”

So also, move over pure entertainment; now there’s something messagier.

Dave confirmed the toxicity of manness will be “constantly” addressed in the flick:


“Throughout the film, we’re constantly talking about it. Sometimes you don’t realize it because we’re making you laugh or disguising it with action, but we really do have the discussion throughout the film.”

The traditional recipe for a hit movie’s compelling male character is a guy who every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with.

Does this sound like a bullseye?

Here’s girl Betty Gilpin, the movie’s love interest, touting a woke win:

“[The film] trojan-horses a woke narrative in it. … It still checks all of the boxes of a classic action movie, but it has this secret thread of men talking about their aggression and anger that are no longer helpful or are standing in their way. I think that’s such an important missing piece that we have right now of men joining the dialogue, and I think Kumail Nanjiani as a person has really stepped up vocally to talk about what men need to change and talk about. And honestly, it’s very sexy.”

Well there ya go.

Get ready to swoon, ladies.

One thing the movie undoubtedly possesses in the plus column is Dave himself — he’s a really good actor, and he’s absolutely hilarious in the Guardians series.

Will there be enough dudes who wanna pay $20 (LA price) to be told their dudeness is making the world worse? We’ll see.


In the meantime, if you really wanna tox it up, I recommend the following:

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Terminator
  • First Blood
  • True Lies
  • From Russia with Love
  • Anything with an angry Lindsey Graham in it

Got any more? Let us all know in the Comments section.



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