Resist! County Clerks from Both Parties Declare War Against Andrew Cuomo, Refuse to Give Licenses to Illegal Immigrants



Here’s a surprise: A Republican and Democrat are working together on the same idea.

No, really.

And the Dynamic Duo is fighting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


On Monday evening, Cuomo signed the Green Light bill into law, requiring that county clerks issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

But Eerie County Clerk Michael “Mickey” Kearns (D) and Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo (R) ain’t into it.

So they’re suing.

As reported by Buffalo’s WIVB 4, Mickey sent a letter to Eerie County Attorney Michael Siragusa a day after the signing requesting representation in the suit.

He plumb refuses:

“I will not be granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. As the duly elected Clerk of the County of Erie, I took an oath whereby I solemnly swore to ‘support’ the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of New York, and I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Erie County Clerk according to the best of my ability.’”

As for Cheryl, she bypassed the county clerk and declared war.

Check out her chutzpah:


In a statement, she recounted her time as county clerk:

“Back in 2007, when I served as County Clerk, I did everything in my power to prevent drivers’ licenses from being issued to illegal immigrants – including suing Governor Spitzer to stop the policy in its tracks. … Let me be clear: because this policy puts State Law at odds with Federal Law, endangers public safety, and rewards those who have not followed the rule of law in the first place, I will not allow drivers’ licenses to be issued to illegal immigrants here without a fight. … I am preparing to introduce legislation in our County Legislature that would bring a lawsuit against the State to challenge the constitutionality of this policy, just as the Democrat County Clerk in Erie County has said he will do. If Clerk Bello will not lead on this issue, I will.”


Additionally, as per The Associated Press, clerks in Rensselaer, Allegany, and Niagara have also said they won’t issue licenses to illegals.

As for Andrew Cuomo, he appears to be about as far left as one can get. In January, the governor — who’s called the death penalty “morally indefensible” —  legalized abortion up until the moment of birth (here and here).

He seems ready for fights. Now he’s got another one.




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