Huge News: The State Health Department Rules Against Missouri's Last Remaining Abortion Clinic



In May, I wrote the article “Planned Parenthood CEO Freaks Over ‘Public Health Crisis’: Missouri’s Set To Become The First State With No Abortion Clinics.”


At issue was whether or not the state’s St. Louis clinic would see its license renewed.

Well, here we are: On Friday, the health department ruled against renewing the license.

Missouri is now officially the first state in nearly half a century to have zero abortion clinics….almost. Judge Michael Stelzer said the clinic may continue to perform abortions until a further court order.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services had until Friday to decide whether to renew the license, which only regards the clinic’s abortion services specifically.

The St. Louis location sued the health department for refusing to renew its license, which had been set to expire on May 31st (as per my original article). At the time, Judge Stelzer granted a preliminary injunction.

The department’s director, Randall Williams, has explained that the license for abortion was rejected because the facility in question left uncorrected 26 of the 30 deficiencies found upon inspection.

Those health violations, by the way, were absolutely incredible. Find a long list of them in my coverage here.

Also, here’s something from CNN:

Williams said that doctors involved in the investigation of these deficiencies refused to cooperate.

In one case, a patient had three abortion-related services in three days, first a surgical that was unsuccessful, then a medical that was unsuccessful, and then a surgical again…


Will the clinic make amends with the department? Will the judge let the stay linger until a license can be obtained?

Or will the nightmares of PP CEO Leana Williams and pro-abortion activists around the country come true 100 miles southeast of Mark Twain’s home town?

Stay tuned.

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