AOC Moves to Repeal the Hyde Amendment to Further Abortion, Claims the Provision 'Isn't About Abortion'

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I really appreciate thoughtful, reasonable, enlightening political debate among elected leaders.


Which is why I’ll be so psyched if I ever come upon any.

In the meantime, we’ve got cow turds — oh, sorry: cow farts — like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that the Hyde Amendment prohibiting taxpayer dollars from funding abortions “isn’t about abortion, per se.”


It should be noted that, to AOC, abortion isn’t even about abortion. Yea, recent strict abortion laws are, according to her eagle eyes, about “owning women.”

Man — can you imagine how horrible it would be to own a woman? The upkeep alone would be maddening. Who’d wanna own women? Waaay too much responsibility. It’s hard enough just keeping my socks laundered.

Alexandria socked it to ABC’s Jonathan Karl on This Week Sunday, sayin’ the Hyde Amendment’s got ta go, Jack!

By the way, about this statement:

“Reproductive health care for incarcerated women should be guaranteed as it is with all women in the United States…”


How are incarcerated women getting pregnant?

She also noted that those women are simply people “that get caught in our mass-incarceration system.”

Anyway, Joe Biden recently reversed his opinion on the amendment, and Alexandria’s sure glad:

“I’m encouraged by the fact that he is now against the Hyde Amendment. [It’s a] base level of where all candidates need to be.”

If she’s worried about “all the candidates” being majorly for abortion, she should kick back with some sweet tea and enjoy my article “My, How Far We’ve Come. Here’s Where Every 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Stands On Late-Term Abortion.”  That oughta ease her concerns somethin’ fierce.

More on those jailbird chicks who are gettin’ it on behind bars:

“And that’s really what the Hyde Amendment is really about. The Hyde Amendment isn’t about abortion per se. The Hyde Amendment is truly about equality of healthcare and healthcare access for low income women and women of color and women that get caught in our mass incarceration system. And so the Hyde Amendment is about income inequality and it’s about women’s healthcare in a system of income inequality. So I think that we need to repeal it.”

Over the weekend, AOC started a petition to tan the hide of the…Hyde.


In her promotional email, she takes time to point out that she agrees with the segregated 50’s: There are only two races — white and non-white, now called “people of color.” Therefore, the amendment “disproportionately harms low income Americans and people of color.”

Furthermore, it does that to non-whites “just to suit the interests of anti-choice (white?) zealots.”

Additionally, the freshman representative announces to the world: “That ends now.”

Word to the wise regarding the political arena: Whenever someone says “This ends now,” it never, ever “ends now” (see here).

She really hits Genius level (like here and here) with her strongest, most mature argument for a repeal:

“It’s not the 70’s anymore.”

Pristine legislative thought, ladies and gentlemen — let’s ignore all decisions made before 1980.

Can we start with the Brady kids’ decision to be so mean to Alice that she quit? That was a sad episode.

Alexandria might wanna temper her “Away with the 70’s” refrain — some people may prefer to start with Roe v. Wade — it was decided in 1973.

That’s just so 70’s.



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