Transgender TV Actor Tries to Rob NY Trumper of His Sidewalk Sign & A Violent Viral Mess Ensues. Plus: Sex Ed

[Screenshot from World TopStories,]
[Screenshot from World TopStories,]


You may have caught the viral video of Dion Cini’s skirmish with activist, writer, and thespian Indya Moore earlier this month.


Indya’s a man identifying as a woman.

Dion’s a man identifying as a Trump supporter.

Here’s what went down: Dion had his bicycle and a custom-made $250 Trump 2020 sign set up on the sidewalk across the street from Trump Tower. Indya’s not a fan, so when he walked by, he decided to stomp on Dion’s bendable sign and folded bike.

The dude then looked as if he was just gonna take off with the sign.

Apparently referencing the television show in which he acts — FX’s Pose — Indya strangely remarked something to the effect of, “You guys are fans of my show and we don’t want you to be fans.”

Dion sprung into action to retrieve his property, but Indya wouldn’t let go.

People got between ’em before things got too out of hand, but for a bit, there was a serious physical fight escalating. Dion got in some major shoves, and Indya knocked off the Trump man’s red MAGA visor.

Cops got involved.

Some online observers framed the incident as an assault on Indya by a — say it ain’t so — white man. A “deranged” one, that is:

JustJared called it an attack, despite acknowledging that Indya tried to commit theft.


Others thought JJ needed some correcting:

If you missed the melee, check it out now:

In the aftermath, Dion filed larceny charges.

Indya tweeted from the disposition of a persecuted minority:

“Thank you for loving my community, fighting for us, supporting us fight for ourselves and others who are experiencing an increase of oppression and violence under this current administration.”

Now Dion — who’s been regularly demonstrating in favor of Trump for the past two years — is speaking out about the dustup.

Enjoy his interview with The Daily Caller below. In it, he expresses his thoughts about the framing of the altercation and standing up for oneself.

As a point of interest, Indya’s been featured at RedState before. I covered his comments on gender and sex in February.

The article’s titled “Transgender TV Star: ‘If A Woman Has A Penis, Her Penis Is A Biologically Female Penis.'”

Biology, identity, and attraction appear to be a particular topic of interest on his part. For your education, here’s a January Twitter exchange including Indya and Grey’s Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez spotlighted by for the purpose of sexual enlightenment:





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