Woking the Toddlers: My Little Pony Introduces Its First Animated, Maned Lesbians on Discovery Family



Hasbro ain’t no has-been — it’s as hip as anything on TV.

Remember My Little Pony? Well it’s gettin’ an update, and they’re not just horsin’ around.


Right in time for Pride Month, Love Wins!™ at MLP.

In an upcoming episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the tiny tot cartoon introduces lesbian couple Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty, who take care of the character Scootaloo.

The episode — which will air on Discovery Family — is titled “The Last Crusade.”

On Wednesday, co-Showrunner Nicole Duboc told Buzzfeed it’s fantastically what My Little Pony’s all about:

“I think it’s fantastic that we can show that what truly defines a family is love — that, to me, is the core of My Little Pony.”

Writer and producer Michael Vogel said the lesbian ponies just happen organically in the story, and the toy company in possession of G.I. Joe, Furby, Nerf, and Star Wars was on board:

“Nicole and I thought this was a great opportunity to organically introduce an LGBTQ couple in the series, and we asked Hasbro and they approved it.”

For co-showrunner Josh Haber, it’s about first-priority importance:

“Diversity and representation are important for kids for so many reasons, and it’s my first priority on everything I work on.”

Michael explained that My Little Pony’s a paragon of acceptance, so ditto to the importance thing:


“With Josh and Nicole running the final season together, it was something we all wanted to do — bring this out couple into the final season and make them ‘officially’ a part of the MLP world. My Little Pony has always been about friendship and accepting people (or ponies) that are different from you. So it just felt like something important to do.”

The out-and-proud equine lesbians first made their appearance in a 2017 My Little Pony book, Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe.

This isn’t, of course, the first TV show for small children to feature homosexuality — in May, PBS KIDS cartoon Arthur revealed longstanding character Mr. Ratburn to be gay and featured his wedding.

Will Hasbro now sell the lesbian ponies as toys? I don’t imagine they won’t.


Looks like they’ll beat Mattel to the punch, despite my December article: “Mattel Eyes A Barbie Gay Wedding Playset.”

The culture sure is changing; and so is the landscape for young children.

As a side note, while culling through tweets by @mktoon, I stumbled across a new word.

Are you offended by My Little Pony’s horsewoman-on-horsewoman-lovin’ move? Then the term may apply to you. I’ll leave you with it here. You’re welcome:

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