Fed Up With School's Response to Bullying, A South Carolina Mom Takes Justice Into Her Own Hands. And I Kind of Love Her

[Screenshot from WLOS, https://twitter.com/search?q=jamie%20rathburn&src=typd]

[Screenshot from WLOS, https://twitter.com/search?q=jamie%20rathburn&src=typd]
A mother in South Carolina was arrested for confronting bullies.

They were nine years old, and they’d been picking on her son, who’s in 3rd grade. Mama don’t play that.


Subsequently, she sneaked into Greenbrier Elementary School, found some kids, pointed her fingers at them and yelled at ’em.

A security camera caught it all.

According to a sheriff’s report, in a now-deleted Facebook video, Jamie Rathburn admitted to her vigilante justice. The mom didn’t bother with the visitation rules of the school — she forewent the sign-in sheet — and when she found the alleged little turds, she “circled” them and got up “in their faces.”

The chick was lit up.

As reported by WHAM 1180 News:

Witnesses told police they could hear Rathburn screaming until a teacher asked her to speak privately in a classroom. Rathburn cursed out the teacher before storming out of the building.

In her Facebook entry, she noted that her son “had dealt with bullying all year long, and school officials did nothing to stop it from happening.”

Then, the last straw, as described by WHAM:

After her son was pulled off the top of the slide during recess, the school singled her son out and separated him from other students so they could watch him closer. That was the final straw, and Rathburn confronted her son’s classmates the next morning.

Jamie told Greenville News the school’d been stinkin’ up the joint in their response to her concerns since December.


As per the police report, she was determined to let the bullies to know “she was not playing around and that they better stop messing with her kid.”

Three days after the incident, she was arrested and charged with interfering, disrupting, or disturbing the school. In addition, she’s been banned.

Subsequently, there’s the ol’ apology. But also a bit of sorry-not-sorry:

“I am absolutely ashamed of myself for the actions of walking up into that school. You know, I owe the parents, the children and the staff an apology for that. Absolutely, it was wrong. But honestly, I don’t know how I could have gotten my message across any other way. I can’t go eat lunch with my children. I can’t watch them on field day. As class mom, that’s devastating.”

What are your thoughts on this? Please let us all know in the Comments section.

As I indicated here, in my opinion, kids are being too coddled as of late. However, I believe some parents could use a little more of the Jamie Rathburn Eye of the Tiger when it comes to protecting their children.

To put it simply, if in fact her son has been tormented by bullies and the school has not done its job, I kind of love this woman.

The story reminds me of Gene Simmons’s great account of how protective his mom was — she once beat the mother of his bully bloody with a banana stalk. Flora Klein didn’t mess around.


Speaking of Gene, please enjoy an incredibly moving story about his Holocaust-survivor mom and her love for America here. It’s powerful.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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