Hillary Clinton Champions Illegal Immigration; Is it Growth, Competition, Pandering, or Outright Vengeance?

[Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxbswOQWolc]
[Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxbswOQWolc]


On Saturday, former First Lady Hillary Clinton tweeted the following:

“Thank you for this comedy with purpose, @JordanKlepper. I’m so heartened by the activists, educators, and faith leaders who stand up for the rights of undocumented students. ‘Education, not segregation.'”


The post raises a good question: What are the rights of illegal aliens?

Hillary’s comments concerned comedian Jordan Klepper’s documented, televised journey into a Board of Regents meeting, where illegal immigrants have brought with them butterfly wings — as “a symbol of migration” — in their protest of Georgia’s policy 4.1.6.

According to freedom-university.org:

Policy 4.1.6 and Policy 4.3.4…ban undocumented students from admission to the state’s top five public universities and prohibit them from qualifying for in-state tuition. While 23 states grant undocumented students equal access to public universities with in-state tuition rates, Georgia is one of only three states in the country – including Alabama and South Carolina – to institute an admissions ban against undocumented students in public higher education. Georgia is the only state in the country to uphold restrictive admissions policies against students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a federal program that grants legal presence, protection from deportation, work permits, and driver’s licenses to certain undocumented youth.

In the clip tweeted by Bill Clinton’s longtime spouse, Jordan narrates:


“To mitigate risks, the students have asked for the help of allies, like local pastors and educators — anyone who can leverage their citizenship and status as protection.”

Before the meeting, pastors pray for and claim in the name of God access to citizen-equal education for illegal immigrants.

Klepper voices his endorsement of “education, not segregation.”

The meeting is tense. People get arrested.

As noted by AJC.com, Comedy Central’s Klepper places Jordan among various “sub-cultures to see their worlds through his comedic, self-deprecating eyes.”

Here’s AJC’s summary of the episode:

In February, he joined several supporters of “Dreamers,” who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents as young kids but cannot receive in-state tuition and cannot attend the top public Georgia universities at all.

In Atlanta, he met students and volunteer organizers of Freedom University, an underground operation to teach undocumented students who can’t get into college. At a Feb. 12 protest of a Georgia Board of Regents meeting, Klepper stood up with other supporters and spoke, however awkwardly, as an “atheist surrounded by faith leaders.” Cops escorted him and the others out. When the protesters refused to leave the premises, the police arrested all of them, including Klepper.

That’s what Hillary championed.

So my question is: Why?

It seems to me she’s clinging with a kung-fu grip to any bit of power possible, achieved through relevance (here, here, here, and here).


She’s also spent much of the last two years expressing deep bitterness toward the man who bested her in November 2016 (here), and that man is certainly not pro-illegal immigration. Is Hillary focused on sockin’ it to Trump at every opportunity?

Or is she trying to compete with the new kids — the anti-immigration Democrats who tout an eschewing of the country’s system in favor of just sneakin’ across?

Or does she sense that voters have evolved on the issue, and she wants to pander?

Pandering is certainly not something she’s above — this is the elderly white lady, after all, who not too long ago told a black audience the one thing she always has in her purse is hot sauce. That one should be on TV, every single night.

Or could it be she’s had a change of heart — in the event she has one of those and isn’t merely a robot created to rule the world?

The reason I ask all this is because of what we’re seeing in the party in the way of far-left extremism (like here).

And in Hillary’s case, her tweet denotes not only a change in the party, but in the family. That isn’t to say that her difference in position is recent, but just that it’s tremendous.


Here ya go…here’s the presidency Hillary Clinton supported more than any that’s ever been. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you segregation, not education:




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