AFL-CIO Openly Calls for a Revolutionary Seizure of All 'Means of Production'


Earlier this week, the anti-Green New Deal American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations — otherwise known as the AFL-CIO — called for the working class to “seize the means of production.”


That’s quite the command.

The organization promoted a class-warfare video on Twitter:

The takeover-touting clip asserts there’s no such thing as “middle class”:

“[T]he middle class — frequently alluded to in conventional media and politics — is a fiction that deliberately obscures the relationship in conflict between workers and the owners of society.”

Conflict! Them’s fightin’ words!

The guy in the video ain’t much for capitalism:

“All members of the working class under capitalism are subject to the same conditions to constantly produce more for as little wage compensation as possible.”

True, but that’s only half — capitalism also means employers are subject to voluntary employees with many inter-competing options working for as much wage compensation as possible. Why’d he leave that out?

Regardless, he wants you to know we’re all part of the same mob:

“It is the shared employment conditions across industries that provide a unifying experience for all workers that make them all working class and not lower or middle class.”

So stop living in make-believe, y’all:

“The idea that a large percentage of people live as some sort of middle class removed from the inherent conflict between workers and owners is a fiction.”


The dude thinks the rich are trickin’ people into thinking they’re not all in the same boat — the S.S. Oppressed:

“For generations, [the notion that there’s a middle class has] been used by the rich and the media as a wedge to keep large sections of the working class from identifying as workers.”

The AFL-CIO, apparently, looks to a day when “workers around the country begin to realize the collective power they can wield as a unified working class.”

In other words, let’s start a union called The World. And fight all those crappy owners. #REVOLUTION!

“We all need to seize the means of production.”

“Seize” — that sounds like a violent takeover.

Of course, essentially, there’s no such thing as collective management. If all employees were to gain complete control over a business, eventually, the few would be put in charge of the many. And you’re back where you were. Leaders will always emerge. Collective management is a myth.

But the AFL-CIO certainly has a bit of power — it reps over 12 million workers, active and retired. It’s comprised by members of over 55 unions.

But a seizure of power? I’m leaning toward No.

What are your thoughts on the video?




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