Girl Fight! Feminists Slap Insufficiently Woke Actrevist Alyssa Milano Over Her Sex Ban to Protest an Abortion Ban



In just a year, actress and activist — actrevist, if you will — Alyssa Milano has made quite the journey. Initially expressing her views mildly and respectfully, she’s devolved into — if I may say so — impoliteness (here) among areas best delved into with expertise (here, here, here, here, and here), imbued by a potent sense of fated leadership (here and here).


I genuinely like her, and I always will; she just appears to have perhaps shifted down one gear too far.

And not everyone on the anti-conservative side is willing to follow.

Recently, the Who’s the Boss star called for all women to withhold sex from men in protest of Georgia’s (and other states’) fetal heartbeat bill:

A few problems:

  • Concerning sex directives from strangers: That would be a “No” on taking abstinence orders for the average person.
  • Alyssa seems to wrongly believe women are inherently pro-choice. They ain’t — see here.
  • There’s an irony here: She’s raging against someone telling women what they can do with their bodies by telling women what they can do with their bodies.

Some left-wing ladies are sounding off.

Feminist and Philadelphia magazine Business Editor Fabiola Cineas tweeted that she’d like Alyssa to hold back on the Wrong: founder and Why Have Kids? author Jessica Valenti said she isn’t going back to the oppressive days of slut shaming. Oh, and also, Republican men get mad if women are having tons of fun gettin’ it on all over the place:


@AngryBlackLady Imani Gandy’s on board with lotsa sex and against the idea that the you-know-what is what women have that men want:

Perhaps the most interesting response came from The Good Men Project’s Joanna Schoeder, who downright out-woked Alyssa by a country mile:

Despite what some may have asserted over the years, women are individuals with their own unique thoughts. They don’t all think alike. Not even ones on the same side of the aisle.

So who’s gonna get it right for the fairer sex? Who’s the most woke, the most indignantly triggered, the most anti-Trump? And how can red states be beaten into submission in the arena of abortion rights? It remains to be seen.

As for now, the Pink Hat battle rages on, outward and inward.




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