WATCH: Michael Knowles Talked to People at the Rally in Response to Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Doxxing Bully PA Rep. Brian Sims. Here's What They Had to Say



Over the last week, I’ve covered the stunning behavior of Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims, who — well, here’s the title of my last article:


Tens Of Thousands Call For Unhinged Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Doxxing Sidewalk Bully PA Rep. Brian Sims To Resign

Brian proudly harassed an elderly woman, who he castigated for being old and white, along with three underage teens (here) — who he also condemned for being white — in front of a Planned Parenthood recently.

The elected official’s efforts, in my view, indicate with abject certainty one of two things (or both): mental illness or paralyzing immaturity.

Plus: lack of a dictionary, as he accused people of bigotry while doin’ bigotry (here and here).

Oh, and also: blindness.

Dear Brian,

You’re white, goof.

Well, some people weren’t much for Brian’s bullying, hence a police report (courtesy of RedState’s Sister Toldjah) and a big Friday rally.

Formerly-assaulted sometimes-college-speaker Michael Knowles (here, here, and here) hit the scene in Philadelphia to interview those attending the pro-life response to Brian’s deficiencies, and here’s what they had to say:

One attendee — who seemed pretty cool — Graham Allen, noted that the size of the group was a good sign:


“This crowd that has come together in such a short amount of time just shows that people love our unborn babies.”

One dude was a pro-Brian voter:

“The Trump people have been taking away our liberties for two years now. We’re trying to get ’em back. We need more rights, not less. We need freedom, we need healthcare. We don’t need our healthcare taken away. And part of that is abortion rights.”

Michael pitched, “You would agree that abortion is not healthcare for the baby that’s killed.”

Dude: It’s not a baby.

Michael: What is it?

Dude: I don’t know.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the video was the presence of…hope you’re sitting down…women.


The Left has constantly told us all women are pro-choice, therefore abortion is a “women’s” issues, and to be pro-abortion is to be pro-woman (here).

Guess they were wrong.

Enjoy the video. And for you fans of a racist version of treating women badly, watch Brian hassle and heckle “an old white lady” here.



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