Cory Booker on Dems' 2020 Victory - Americans WANT to Pay More Taxes Because They're 'Patriotic'


Do you love your country? If so, then you also don’t mind being poorer. So says Cory “Farticus” Booker (here).

During an appearance on Sunday’s State of the Union, the vegan senator — who seems to believe carnivorism’s days are numbered — explained the connection between patriotism and wanting to give Washington politicians bunches more of your cash:


“We live in a nation with far more patriotism than people are expressing. … [F]olks want the best for the country.”

Thusly, they won’t re-elect Donald Trump, despite a booming economy.

Host Jake Tapper asked Cory how he’d pitch a Democratic president to voters in light of the economic prosperity, to which he replied that there isn’t prosperity.

Let us pause for pandering:

“I’m the only presidential candidate that lives in a low-income inner-city neighborhood. Talk to folks, and they’ll tell you, ‘I have to work two jobs just to try to keep myself in housing. And by the way, that housing doesn’t reflect the dignity of my family.’ Americans are struggling. Their wages are too low, or decades low. For the last four decades, I don’t think they’ve budged that much.”

When Jake pointed out that there has been improvement — in wages and unemployment — which was absent “during the Obama years,” Cory gave the credit to Obama:

“I love that Trump is taking credit for a recovery that started under Obama.”

So which version of Cory is being genuine? Is there prosperity, or is there not?

Who nose. Pick a booker.

Is it just me, or does it seem like this recent batch of Democratic congresspeople was picked at random from people in line at a snow cone stand?

Moving on: Jake asked Cory why voters would wanna put a Democrat in the Oval Office, when all of the 2020 candidates — including him — are pushing for a tax increase.


The senator’s response:

“We live in a nation with far more patriotism than people are expressing. What I mean by that is folks want the best for their country. And they know that if your family doesn’t have a great public school for your kid, if your family does not have great access to healthcare, then we all are suffering as a result of that and often creating greater costs.”


A few thoughts:

  • Public schools stink, not because of a money issue. They stink because they’re not doing a good job of teaching academic subjects at an accelerated level.
  • Great healthcare wasn’t accomplished by Obama’s installed system.
  • If things done wrongly “often [creates] greater costs,” then Congress owes us to do rightly and give us back the difference. Not take more from us.

Cory let Jake know he’s a revolutionary:

“I’m going to run a campaign that speaks to all of America.”

No way! No one’s ever thought of that before! Amazing!

He also taught us this:

“We’re all hurting because we have not designed an economy that invests in each other.”

Ya mean like communism?

How’s this for an idea: Americans love their country because of its liberty. Part of freedom from an oppressive government is financial. One of the reasons people love America is because its citizens can thrive economically, aka keep most of the decent money they work for.

As long as the government funds things a giant portion of Americans oppose, and so long as it shows a staggering inability to exercise discretion in spending and produce quality products efficiently (here), how about we don’t throw more money at the problem? Because the problem, truthfully, is government.


How’s that for patriotism?



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