BREAKING: 1 Dead in Saturday's San Diego Synagogue Mass Shooting. Wait 'Til You See Who Saved the Day



Aaand there’s more.

Church violence in America continues.

On Saturday, worshipers at a synagogue in San Diego were surprised by a gunman who shot up the place.


As per ABC 10 SD, 6-7 shots were fired.

Sheriff Bill Gore indicated via social media that the assailant had been taken into custody and the victims transported to Palomar Medical Center:

At around 5:45 p.m. EST, Sheriff Gore confirmed that one attendee of the Chabad of Poway synagogue had died from their injuries:

According to a 2:30 briefing (4:30 EST), the fatal victim was an “older” female.

Additionally, a wounded girl and two adult men had been rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately for the congregation, an off-duty Border Patrol agent was in the crowd when the chaos eruted. He returned fire, missing the gunman but hitting the getaway car.


Once again, we see the paradigm — problem: bad guy with a gun; solution: good guy with a gun (like here and here).

Shortly after the terror, a patrol officer pulled over the fleeing vehicle. The murderous teen leaped from his car with his hands up.

As explained by SDPD Chief David Nisleit, the criminal was armed with at least one big firearm:

“As the officer was placing this 19-year-old male into custody, he clearly saw a rifle sitting on the front passenger seat of the suspect vehicle.”

The tragedy marred the last day of Passover.

President Trump lamented the violence from the White House south lawn:

“My deepest sympathies go to the people who were affected, the families and loved ones. Based upon my last conversations looks like a hate crime. Doing research and we’ll see what comes up. My deepest sympathies and well get to the bottom of it.”

From the Sutherland Springs shooting to last October’s nearly-dozen-casualty Pittsburgh massacre, God and guns are becoming an increasingly common combo. On Easter, we even had this. And of course, 50 were murdered in New Zealand just last month (here), in which case a NZ mosque leader blamed the horror on the Jews (here).

If there’s any place in America where people should feel safe — aside from schools and daycares — it’s in church. But we’re living in times of madness, and houses of worship are increasingly compelled to set up preventative security protocols.


If you’re so inclined (and in spite of CNN’s Chris Cuomo — here), offer your prayers for the terrorized congregation of Chabad of Poway. Whatever your particular religious persuasion, faith is an American ideal (here). And no matter what the increasing threat, citizens of the nation would do well to gather together each week. Given that, Chabad’s congregation was making the nation a better place, yet they were struck by evil in the process.

No motive for the shooting has been reported.

Stay tuned.



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