WATCH: Angry Abortion Customer Breaks Elderly Pro-Life Counselor's Leg & Injures Her Head, Highlighting a Growing Cultural Cancer



An elderly woman in Kentucky was pushed to the ground by an angry abortion customer on April 13th, from which the pro-life advocate received a broken leg and head injuries.


The injured, Donna Durning, has served as a “sidewalk counselor” for 23 years.

The incident was caught on video, and it highlights a growing societal malady — not concerning abortion, but with regard to a sociopathic indifference toward the elderly.

We saw in the aftermath of Parkland — in my opinion — the media encouraging grossly ignorant and inexperienced teens (here) to rage against people to whom they should’ve been saying “Yes ma’am” and “No sir.” Gun issues aside, that disgraceful use of the naive as disposable pawns for political maneuvering struck me as equally disturbing a vignette of modern manners.

And, to me, the video of Ms. Durning being knocked down conjures similar notions.


Donna was offering the woman — who’d just exited the abortion clinic — a pamphlet.

She explained to Louisville’s WLKY News:

“I had a little card from Little Way Crisis pregnancy center, and I just offered it to her. And I said, ‘Honey, if you need to talk to anybody, there’s a number on here.’ I was there, as I am five days a week, talking to girls, offering them alternatives to abortion. I saw a lot of hatred in her face and — I’m not exaggerating — I saw the face of Satan in her eyes.”


Violence against those on the Right, of course, is nothing new. Another example is this roundhouse kick incurred by a young pro-lifer in Toronto:

As for Donna Durning’s assailant — who drove away quickly — someone was able to write down her license plate number.

Police happened to be across the street at the time and came over immediately.

A society that doesn’t respect the preciousness of its youngest innocents (here and here) and the seniority of its oldest citizens is a society full of, well…to be blunt: a******s.

For King of the A******s, look no further (WARNING: GRAPHIC):

Best wishes to Ms. Donna Durning as her body mends. And to the police — in hopes that they catch all three culprits above.



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