State Lawmakers Call for University of Missouri-Kansas Chancellor to Resign Over the Michael Knowles Disgrace



As I covered on April 12th, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles was attacked at the University of Missouri-Kansas during a speech titled “Men Are Not Women” (here).


Apparently, stating that something is not simultaneously something wholly different than itself has become something wholly unacceptable to some members of the Left.

The assault involved a Super Soaker-type water gun and a suspicious substance. Read more about the ridiculous interruption of Michael’s speech — and the ensuing madness, complete with police force and snowflaked chants — here.

The next day, the school’s chancellor, C. Mauli Agrawal, responded to the ordeal via a letter to the student body.

And holy cow — Agrawal STUNK UP THE JOINT.

The letter…well…I’ll let Michael tell it:

“Chancellor Agarwal is a disgrace to higher education. I woke up this morning expecting an apology for being assaulted during a lecture that I was invited to give at the University of Missouri. Instead, I was smeared basically as a bigot, they referred to my claim that men are not women as an extreme viewpoint, and they tacitly are permitting political violence to fester on campus.”

Yeah. That sums it up nicely.

And by the way–

Let’s talk about the “B” word.

The definition of bigotry is “intolerance for an opposing view.”

I’d like to state that again.

The definition of bigotry is “intolerance for an opposing view.”

Can we put that out on the street? Can we get it posted to Facebook? Does anybody know a good sky writer??


There’s nothing dumber than someone protesting words they don’t understand.

When you’re interrupting a speech because of bigotry, guess what you are?

When you’re holding a picket sign against bigotry, guess what you are?

When you’re spraying someone with a water gun because they’re saying men are not women, guess what you are?

You’re a dork.

And select state lawmakers in Missouri think C. Mauli Agrawal’s a dork. In fact, according to The Associate Press, some are calling for him to step down:

[Last week] Sen. David Sater, a Cassville Republican and a member of the Appropriations Committee, was among those calling for Agrawal’s resignation during a discussion on the floor of the Missouri Senate.

State Rep. Dirk Deaton has also condemned the letter — he told The Columbia Missourian that, if the budget for the university was still in the House, he’d recommend starting it at $0.

State Sen. Gary Romine lamented that “intolerance has taken on a different swing of the pendulum at this time.”

This story hasn’t gotten the traction I believe it deserves. Michael expertly explained the importance of the incident to Tucker Carlson.

Here’s a bullseye bit of Bingo:

“This was a warning shot to conservatives on colleges around the country that if you don’t shut up, if you don’t kowtow to leftist orthodoxy, you will be bullied, you will be shouted down, you will be physically intimidated. And maybe next time, that substance will be a little more dangerous, a little more toxic. It is fascism as clear as fascism can be.”


Catch the rest in the video below.



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