Mexico Reportedly Arrests Hundreds of Central Americans Forming a New Migrant Caravan. Will This Last?




Reportedly, in light of the fiascos of 2018 (here, here, and here), Mexico is droppin’ the hammer on migrant caravans.

On Monday night, authorities arrested nearly 400 illegal immigrants near the country’s border with Guatemala.


According to The Associated Press, reporters saw hundreds at the “tail end” of a 3,000-member line get collected by cops. The officers were “wrestling migrants into police vehicles for transport and presumably deportation.”

Beyond the arrests, those in the country without permission were “hunted” via raids in order to send Central Americans back where they came from.

Trump has, of course, long been demanding Mexico take a stand against illegal immigration (here).

It appears he may finally be getting some traction.

The Daily Wire reports:

After threatening to close the border with Mexico to trade several weeks ago, Trump claimed his counterpart, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was promising to take the U.S.’s concerns seriously.

That seems to now be the case; Mexican officials say they’re cutting back dramatically on the number of visas awarded to prospective asylum seekers and claim to be deporting twice the number of illegal immigrants as this time last year.

But Mexico claims its reasons for the cracking down have a lot to with…Mexico.

That’s not hard to believe. Residents were none too pleased in November with the crisis created by a “horde” in Tijuana (here and here).


More from TDW:

Mexico also says their crackdowns aren’t targeted at immigrants, per se, but at a criminal element that seems to be using the caravans as cover for human trafficking operations.

“We don’t want for them to just have free passage, not just out of legal concerns but for questions of safety,” Mexican President López Obrador told a press conference Tuesday, in response to an outcry from pro-immigrant groups over the mass detentions.

Additionally, the arrestees are being given a choice: Go back home, or receive temporary visas with Mexican citizenship the eventual goal.

Wouldn’t that just allow them to remain in the country in order to schlep on across to America?

I’m leaning toward Yes.

What do you think of Mexico’s efforts? Are they likely to continue? Will they have any notable effect on the U.S? They could — data released in March revealed that the majority of illegals coming into America since October were natives of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador (here). I hope to hear from you in the Comments section below.



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