A Woman Coughing Up Blood was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. Now She's Cancer-Free Thanks to This Alternative to Chemo



A woman with terminal cancer wants you to know about a miracle that saved her life and could maybe one day save yours.

In 2013, Karie Fisher received some devastating news: The 43-year-old nurse was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.


She knew something was wrong — she’d gone to the emergency room after coughing up blood. Yet, esophageal cancer wasn’t something she expected. The disease isn’t much talked about; it comprises only 1 percent of cancer diagnoses in the U.S.

From the ER, Karie was life-flighted to Denver for a 10-day hospitalization. She got the bad news on day 8: It was cancer, it had spread to her liver, and she was terminal.

She underwent chemo and radiation for years, with no change to the tumor. 

Then something happened that changed everything: Her doctor — Toufic Kachaamy at Phoenix’s Cancer Treatment Centers of America — suggested an alternative treatment: a cryotherapy throat spray called tru-Freeze.

After only three treatments, the tumor began responding. It shrunk small enough to be surgically removed.

Now Karie’s been in remission for half a decade. 

She says more people need to know about tru-Freeze:

“Dr. Kachaamy was very cutting-edge for me and worked really hard…and he brought in spray cryotherapy for palliative reasons, to help shrink the tumor so I could swallow, so it was about nutrition at that time and quality of life. That was one of the things I think that a lot of people aren’t aware of — they traditionally go chemo and radiation but there are some other treatment options out there that I think [are] important for people to know about.”


Cancer is ravaging us all — our friend groups, our families. Will there ever be a cure? In December, I covered a potentially game-changing therapy that saved a woman’s life. We’re certainly on the cusp of some exciting new methods of attacking the disease.

And the more you know, the better your chances — as well as those of your loved ones. Check out my other article here, and stay tuned for more news in the area of treatment for America’s biggest killer, second only to heart disease.

Karie’s got a new lease on life. Here’s to hoping the frequency of that occurrence in the U.S. grows with the ferocity of left-wing Mueller mania. Which is, of course, anal cancer.



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