Acquitted by the Mueller Report, Trump Gets Bested at the Border by the Real Artchitect of Family Separation



On Thursday, a federal appeals court rejected the White House’s attempt to bar California from enforcing some of its sanctuary laws.

This comes just days after a Trump immigration court victory (see the video below).


The Left coast ain’t a fan of saying “No” to illegal aliens, and it sure ain’t fond of cradling Donald Trump in the arms of Yes.

Thanks to the clap of a gavel, the West can keep hugging defiance, baby!

That’s right, folks: When it comes to remaining a haven for those here who purportedly aren’t allowed to be, the left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — partly responsible for family separation at the border (here) — sided with a lower court: the Justice Department’s complaint that Cali’s making a fool of federal jurisdiction by simply doing what it wants is a non-starter.

KTLA reports:

[The court] kept in place three California laws intended to protect immigrants, continuing the state’s efforts to be a national leader in opposing Trump administration policies.

The court upheld lower court rulings denying the Trump administration’s request to block law enforcement from providing release dates and personal information of people in jail, as well as to throw out a law barring employers from allowing immigration officials on their premises unless the officials have a warrant.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected U.S. District Judge John Mendez’s reasoning last year for denying a portion of the third law, which requires the state to review detention facilities where immigrants are held. It ruled that the section requiring the state to review circumstances surrounding the apprehension and transfer of detainees puts an impermissible burden on the federal government.

But the appellate panel said Mendez can consider rejecting a preliminary injunction for that section on other legal grounds.


So the home of Hollywood will continue to extend a middle finger to the Trump White House, and that’s that.

At least, until we see an appeal. Which is likely.

There does remain a question, so far as I’m concerned: How much is California’s resistance about devotion to left-wing anti-immigration policy (which is the proper label, given that they are eschewing actual immigration for illegal entry) vs. a simple desire to do the opposite of whatever Trump says?

Regardless of their reasons, if you’re sneakin’ ‘cross the U.S./Mexico line, the Golden State is a great place to be. Well — except for San Francisco: It’s stickin’ to its stanctuary laws, and — no matter where you’re from — that stinks (here).



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