YOU HAVE TO SEE IT: Data Company Creates Brown-Pinned San Francisco Poop Map in Honor of 118,352 Piles Reported



At some point in life, you’ve no doubt encountered it. You’d most likely love very much to live without it. You may have had a relationship where you put up with a ton of it. And you probably know some people who are full of it (like here, here, and here).


I’m talking about a substance that’s the new West Coast tumbleweed.

Move over, Rice-A-Roni; turds are the new San Francisco treat.

Thanks to a permissive attitude toward vagrancy in the land of the Golden Gate, homeless is the new residency and outside is the new toilet.

The city’s employed a Poop Patrol — great job, by the way.

“So, handsome, what do you do for a living?”

“Well, I’ve got my hand in a few things. Mostly, I’m in the business of human-feces shoveling. Wanna go out sometime? I couldn’t help but notice you’re wearing sandals; I’m a good person to paint the town with — I know the areas where you’re least likely to get sh** between your toes.”

Business is booming: Since 2011, 118,352 steaming mounds of San Fran lower-intestinal loveliness have been reported to the authorities.

For your benefit, the data company Open the Books has created an interactive map of every place piles have been dropped — each is marked by a brown pin.

Happy navigation, courtesy of America’s premiere stanktuary city.



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