Burger King Gets Shut Down for 'Cultural Insensitivity,' & it Only Proves Even More What the World is Missing



What has happened to the world?

In my estimation, the average person has a substantive reason to be offended maybe once a year; I can go with that.


But weekly? Daily?

The latest decrying of insensitivity comes to us courtesy of a Burger King ad.

And let me just say: A Whopper is delicious. It’s fantastic. It’s a great American hamburger. And more people should eat ’em — I don’t think Burger King is doin’ too well.

That may explain the chain’s attempt at offering somethin’ a little more interesting: a Vietnamese-inspired sandwich.

To that end, BK produced a promotional video of people eating the sandwich while a woman holds it…with large chopsticks.

Subsequently, as is par for the 21st century course, pearls were clutched.

Was I just insensitive myself? Don’t those pearl cream commercials feature Asian women?

Regardless, racist Burger King posted white people biting into the Vietnamese Sweet Chili Tendercrisp burger to its New Zealand Instagram account. The caption read, “Take your taste buds all the way to Ho Chi Minh City.”

Somehow, in some way, some goofs claimed the ad was a meanie toward Asian culture.

Horrified, Twitter user @mariahmocarey howled that she’s “so sick of racism”:


The wielder of the Whopper went wimpy:


Tech Crunch’s Asia reporter, Catherine Shu, wasn’t impressed with the ad either:

Someone tried to point out to @mariahmocarey that she was being ridiculous.

It didn’t work:

Obviously, the commercial and its critics are across the sea, but we’re no different here in the U.S. And this ties into something I wrote earlier: We are living in a world with a staggering loss of purpose (here).

A report recently confirmed atheism as the largest religion in America. And the advent of outrage culture, I believe, is closely related. People are struggling for some kind of meaning. In their lives. In their actions.

But it won’t be found in raging against the use of two sticks holding bread and meat. Or the lamenting of people’s pronouns of choice. Searching for things about which to be offended will never turn up the thing every person in this world needs. There is a wholly different search which leads to fulfillment.


And it is a quest each of us must make on our own.

Here’s to hoping more will.

Before we’ve lost so much hope that a tide has turned which can never be reversed.



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