SHOCKING VIDEO: Encino, Texas Cop Bodycam Captures Jaw-Dropping Surprise for Law Enforcement



Wow. Talk about a surprise.

On Friday, a Brooks County sheriff pulled over a white king cab Ford 250.

For a moment, all was quiet on the Texas roadside.


The truck’s caution lights flashed. The rear side door opened for just a moment — long enough for a man to look back at the patrol car.

Suddenly, the truck took off, hooking left from Highway 281 and soon jetting out into the grass.

The police cruiser followed with quick speed, shortly approaching the grounded truck in the tall-bladed field.

Then right there — about a mile north of the southern U.S. border — something really, really surprising happened.


Truthfully, it’s unclear whether the video — which was posted Friday — is actually recent. The Houston Chronicle reports it may have been taken as long ago as 2016, published to Facebook recently in order to help garner new recruits.

Whatever the timestamp, it’s pretty incredible.

Watch and see for yourself, below. You’re in for an eye-opening treat. Comments online have been pretty great. I can’t wait to read yours.




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