SURVIVOR'S GUILT: Just One Day After News of Parkland Survivor's Suicide, a 2nd Student Kills Himself



On Saturday, I covered the suicide of Sydney Aiello, 19-year-old survivor of last February’s Parkland mass murder (here). It’s now been confirmed that she shot herself.


Just one day later, news of a second death has broken.

A Parkland sophomore took his own life the very day my story on Sydney posted.

As reported by the Miami Herald:

Investigators told the Miami Herald that the male student died in “an apparent suicide” on Saturday night. He was in 10th grade and attended Stoneman Douglas last year at the time of the Feb. 14 shooting.

It isn’t known whether his death can be linked to the school shooting, police said. They did not release his name.

Is the death, as was the case with Sydney, linked to survivor’s guilt and PTSD?

In light of the 2nd suicide, Florida Director of Emergency Management Jake Moskowitz is calling for more mental health services to be provided to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High community.

Jake told the Herald a meeting was held Sunday, comprised of school, county, and city officials, as well as mental health specialists and law enforcement.

On Twitter, he said the time for action is now:

Despite the political caricaturization and abuse heaped upon the tragedy by the media — and regardless of the Left’s use of the victims as pawns before they were discarded at the end of the news cycle, a tragedy such as Parkland can’t be wrapped up and served neatly. Its impact will remain, for those who endured it and many in their wake.


Here’s to hoping counseling and other means of addressing their pain will keep the death toll from rising any further. But it’s one more reason to remember: guns don’t kill people; evil does.



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