Former Trump Aide on 'State of the Union': If Mueller Can't Find Collusion, It Doesn't Exist



If he didn’t find it, it isn’t there.

That was the message of Michael Caputo on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday.

The former Trump campaign political adviser put it this way:


“Love them or hate them… this is the most impressive array of investigatory talent the American government has assembled in the 21st century. And if they don’t find what they were sent out there to find, it doesn’t exist.”

He said the desperate Democrats can knock themselves out any way they want; as much as they painfully need to see Trump in an orange jumpsuit, they’re gonna come up empty-handed:

“I don’t care what the House Democrats want to go after from here forward, if Mueller can’t find it, they’re not going to find it.”

Would Caputo inflate the investigators’ skills? Not likely: He himself has been the target of the Mueller crew, as pointed out by The Hill:

Caputo was extensively questioned by Mueller’s office in 2018 shortly after he castigated the Senate Intelligence Committee for “making a visceral impact on my children” and called for “an investigation of the investigators.”

Caputo used similar rhetoric Sunday, telling [CNN anchor Dana Bash] his family has “had our lives on pause for two years” and lost his home and business, saying that the end of the investigation was “an important signal for us.”

It’s worth noting, incidentally, that collusion isn’t illegal.


But the Democrats, in my view, don’t really believe in collusion; they subscribe to Satan-level treachery.

And they’re no doubt stumped that it hasn’t been found.

But they did this to themselves: It seems to me that the Left’s leaders set out to dishonestly characterize Trump as Lucifer in order to defeat him in 2016. But when that plan failed, at some point, they perhaps began to believe their own fiction.

So what do they do now? Well, some are going to do this. Others, this. No matter, at the end of the day, for every American, Donald J. is still #NotMyIndictedPresident.



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