New Zealand Prime Minister Promises: Gun Confiscation is 'Just the Beginning.' Is The U.S. Next?



If you’re into shootin’, don’t move to New Zealand.

On Thursday, in response to the Christchurch mosques massacre (here, here, and here), Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it clear: She’s taking up the guns like an 80-year-old third grade teacher confiscatin’ bubble gum.


Spit it in the can!

Jacinda wants to ban semi-automatics — that is, guns that fire one bullet at a time. What’s next?

For now, the Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms) Order 2019 bans guns defined by the following:

  • a semi-automatic firearm that is capable of being used in combination with a detachable magazine (other than one designed to hold 0.22-inch or less rimfire cartridges) that is capable of holding more than 5 cartridges:
  • a semi-automatic firearm that is a shotgun and that is capable of being used in combination with a detachable magazine that is capable of holding more than 5 cartridges.

Here’s what the prime minister offered at a press conference:

“In the meantime, we are asking all current holders of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles to visit There they will find details of the weapons included in this ban. In the next 48 hours, a form will be available on this site that we are asking these gun owners to complete, identifying what banned guns they hold. The police will then arrange for these weapons to be handed over, and eventually destroyed. Details of the weapons handed back by owners that are covered by the ban will also be taken to ensure that fair and reasonable compensation is paid once the buyback is in place. If owners are unable to complete the online form, they are able to contact the police on the phone to arrange the handover of these now-banned guns. I do want to emphasize, to manage the flow of information to the police, online is the best way to arrange the return of your weapons. Do not arrive at the police station unannounced with these weapons in your possession.

“As the legislation is developed, we will determine the time available for the return of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, and the duration of the buyback scheme. I can assure people that there will be time for the returns to be made, and that they will not be criminalized overnight. After a reasonable period for returns, those who continue to possess these guns will be in contravention of the law. Currently, the penalties for this range from fines of up to $4,000 and or three years in prison. The draft legislation will look to increase these penalties.”


Is this where we’re headed? New Zealand doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment; nevertheless Washington has the power to change ours.

Can you hear the American Left side of the aisle citing NZ’s cool changes? “Why do we have these guns? Even New Zealand…”

And Jacinda ain’t done:

“[B]e assured, this is just the beginning of the work we need to do.”

Watch the video below.



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