Donald Trump Jr. & Others Defend Tucker, Call Out Media Matters on Its Selective Outrage



Tucker Carlson got it right: You can’t apologize to the social justice mob.

Never, ever say you’re sorry.

They want to subjugate you. Rule you. It’s cultural Marxism at its most vicious, and weakness is death.


Therefore — as previously covered by RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar — when Media Matters recently dug up comments the Fox host made on a radio show a decade ago, he gave ’em a bit of this:

Sounds reasonable.

And Tucker isn’t the only one responding — many on the Right are pointing out Media Matters’ selective scrutiny and its silence over past (or even recent) left-wing remarks it would decry if made by conservatives.

As dished by The Daily Caller:

[Media Matters] never fully assumed accountability for its president’s own old blog posts — in which he used words like “trannies,” “homos” and degraded “Bangladeshis” — and it never seems to call for the ousting of liberals caught saying similarly dubious things, like Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Speaking to TDC, Donald Trump Jr. had this to say:

“How many of these people have called for Joy Reid to be fired from MSNBC for her homophobic comments? Or for Rep. Omar to be stripped of her committee assignments for her anti-Semitic comments? Why would so many people apparently want to live in a world where we allow professional trolls & faux outrage mobs to weaponize statements from a decade ago to get their political enemies fired from their jobs?”


It’s a good question; Joy Reid has indeed been condemned by some on the Left in the past, prompting her to issue the increasingly popular “I am disappointed in myself.”

But was Media Matters part of the pile on?

From TDC:

Ned Ryun, the CEO of American Majority, brought up MMFA’s silence on Joy Reid and its overall partisan agenda.

“Their entire purpose for existence is to take out conservatives in media and politics,” Ryun said. “They’re a partisan hit squad trying to delegitimize and de-platform conservatives … serious-minded people should understand this is political warfare and tell Media Matters to go pound sand.”

Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter called it phony baloney indignation:

“It’s all just a cheesy grift where they fake outrage to silence political opponents because they know their own garbage ideology won’t play with Americans. Nobody’s fooled. They should go pound sand.”

Joe Concha of The Hill seconded (or Thirded? Fourthed?) the motion:

“I think this story goes nowhere because the outrage appears selective. If you’re Media Matters, you can’t omit any coverage of Joy Reid and then in the same breath demand Carlson be removed from the air. Anyone looking at this situation objectively can see that.”


And the war continues.



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