Straight Texas Couple Identifying as Gay Male Couple Conceive a Baby Boy, But They'll Never Do It Again



In February 2018, Wyley Simpson received the shock of a lifetime: He appeared to be pregnant. Four tests confirmed it.

The 28-year-old Texas man couldn’t understand how it was possible.


As it turned out, the culprit was the fact that Wyley’s gay fiancé, Stephen, had been having sex with him — in his vagina.

This was doable because Wyley and her same-age partner are a straight couple identifying as a gay male couple.

When Wyley was 21, she began taking testosterone in order to become a man. She had her breasts removed. Eventually, she stopped menstruating and grew a full beard. Her doctor assured her she absolutely couldn’t get knocked up.

But then fate came a-knockin’.

At first, Stephen didn’t know what to make of the news. But he quickly embraced it:

“[I] was very unsure. And I just — it felt right, and it felt better as we talked about it. We did a lot of talking, a lot of preparing. We went to prenatal yoga together, we watched a lot of videos online and figured out our birth plan together.”

Wyley echoed the sentiment:

“I’ve always wanted to be a father. And even though it happened this way and wasn’t planned, I was like, ‘Let’s do it.'”

Despite the pair’s enthusiasm, the pregnancy was difficult due to people’s treatment of Wyley.

“It’s not every day that someone sees a pregnant man walking down the road,” she said.


Some of her critics even insisted she wasn’t a guy:

“I would be told that I’ll never be a man, ‘men don’t carry babies,’ and everyone called me ‘it.'”

Nonetheless, she and Stephen persevered. And they’re so glad they did: via C-section, the mustached mom gave birth to a 7lb 5oz baby boy. They named him Rowan.

Then everything went back to normal:

“Once my physical bump had disappeared and I was able to take my hormones again, I felt good about everything. Myself and Stephen suddenly turned into a gay couple with a baby, as opposed to me being a pregnant man. And Rowan is amazing, he made all of the mental and physical pain completely worth it.”

Will she do it again? Not likely. “I am looking to fully transition in the future,” Wyley explained.

Plus, the weirdness of being an expectant woman really affected her mental health:

“Having gone through the transitioning process since I was 21 years old, having a physical baby bump was something so feminine that it messed with my head.”

And for Wyley, mental well-being is paramount:

“[T]hat was really my main scare…how it could affect me mentally. That was my main concern.”

Thankfully, those days of mental health worries are long gone.


“Now myself and Stephen are just reveling in fatherhood and can’t wait to continue our journey as a family,” she told the Daily Mail.

The new fathers live in a bus in their friends’ back yard.



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