NYPD Warns: MS-13 is Casing Cops' Homes and Has Put Out 'Hits' on Them



If you’re a cop, you might want to fortify your home — MS-13’s coming for you.

This, according to the NYPD.

CBS New York reports the Big Apple’s police department sent an alert to its officers Wednesday that the most vicious gang in America (other than the New York legislature, Virginia Del. Kathy Tran, and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam) is planning to “hit” boys in blue at their homes. Particularly on Long Island.


The warning:

“Members of MS-13 are looking to ‘hit’ NYPD police officers, specifically in the Brentwood/Central Islip area, as well as possibly Patchogue.”

As per the NYPD, members of the machete gang are looking to gain street cred and are “conducting reconnaissance of MOS (members of service) private residences.”

Holy cow.

As a cop, usually, you have to go to the criminals. It’s got to be a strange thing when they come to you.

Former FBI agent Manny Gomez told CBS the warning is a smart idea:

“Whenever a law enforcement officer is being threatened, especially by an organization like MS-13, which we already know is uber violent and has killed numerous people throughout the country if not throughout the world, this has to be taken seriously. They are going above and beyond what any other gang does, and the scary part is that we already know that they legitimately carry out their threats and they are extremely violent.”

As pointed out by RedState’s Brandon Morse last May, the media excoriated Trump for referring to the murderous El Salvadorian gang as “animals.”

Meanwhile, the public is at risk. In December, I covered a story about two more MS-13 members intercepted at the border, along with a child molester. All had been previously deported (here).

Nevertheless, to the congressional leader of the Democratic Party — who has a wall on her own property — a wall is an immorality (here and here).


Is murder an immorality, too?



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