NRA Releases Video Attacking Socialism & Dems Who Support it: 'They Alone are the Protected Class'



The National Rifle Association has put aside strictly gun-rights messaging to speak out on something broader: socialism.

In a response to increased Democratic embrace of the Nazis’ economic system, Charleton Heston’s favored organization released a video asserting those proponents want to take away American rights (here). Including, of course, those granted by the 2nd Amendment.


The video makes a strong point:

“When elitist politicians refuse to stand and clap as our President declares that America will never be a socialist country, here is what they’re really saying: that they believe in the redistribution of your freedoms, to them. That only they deserve to feel safe and secure. We don’t. Because in the eyes of America’s socialist leaders, they — and they alone — are the protected class.”

The system certainly serves those in power. Despite claims to the contrary, capitalism is for the little man. It’s a system whereby an individual may own his or her own business. Socialism and communism create the ultimate Big Business: the government.

Socialism and communism are the ultimate class systems: They create the Ruler, and the ruled.

Socialist congressional Democrats aren’t vying to join the latter.

The video goes on to take names…following its indulgence in kicking [butt].

Socialism isn’t just rearing its head among leaders — the sleight of hand in the system’s presentation is convincing a portion of the citizenry that they want it. The strongest prison is the one in which you put yourself. And we appear to be on our way to the clink (here, here, and here).


But at least we have this.

Enjoy the video below.



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