'Living Wage': AOC Touts Her In-Office Communism, i.e., Hiring the Worst People for Top Positions



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all about economics. That’s why she masterminded a way to lose Amazon and benefit New York (here and here).

Moving forward with her mastery of money matters, the NY representative has announced she’ll pay everyone on her staff a “living wage.”


Here’s her Friday tweet:

“Leadership starts with our choices. That’s why I decided that no one on my staff will make less than $52k/year. It’s likely one of the highest entry-level salaries on the Hill. We pinch pennies elsewhere, but it’s worth every dime to pay a living wage.”

This sounds like what she wants for America — in her Green New Deal, she plots to take care of everyone. Even those “unwilling” to work (here). Spread the joy like peanut butter.

She’s a master of giving; where she seems to have no understanding is in the area of funding for that giving, otherwise known as taking. From other people.

Then again, the government wastes money like it’s going out of style. Maybe it’s better to channel all her dough to staff instead of to more ridiculous things. Like her politics.

AOC’s communications director, Corbin Trent provided RollCall.com with an brow-raising quote:

“We think that if a person is working, they should make enough to live.”

If by “live,” he means $52,000 a year — and, therefore, any person working any job should be making that — then he’s out of his mind.


But Alexandria team member Claudia Pagon Marchena is glad:

“I needed an office that was going to pay me a fair wage.”

As I pointed out previously, the median rent in D.C. is $2700 (here).

Some people tweetbashed AOC for her announcement, and she chirped back:

So her suggestion with that last post is that everyone only wants an absolutely minimal amount of money (just a “living wage”), and if they had that amount, they wouldn’t try to do other things for more? In Washington?

But back to that limited resources thing, as per Roll Call:

Ocasio-Cortez’s solution requires sacrifices for staffers at the top of the pay scale, potentially opening her to criticism from the right that her office policies, like her political identity as a Democratic socialist, call for a form of class warfare.

It could also pose challenges to attracting and retaining older employees who have obligations such as mortgages and child care — which in D.C. can cost $23,000 a year for a single child.


Right. Robbing Peter to pay less-valuable Paul. What about getting good employees? If AOC’s top spots offer less than other offices, she’ll be hiring from the bottom of the barrel — the place, it often seems, where she gets her ideas.

CowFart Fighters, Unite!



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