7-Year-Old Starts Hot Chocolate Stand to Raise Money for the Border Wall; Libs Call Him 'Little Hitler'



They who lose the culture lose the nation.

What’s the state of the American culture presently?

If this is a glimpse, there’s trouble ahead.


Benton Stevens of Austin had an idea: Go into business for himself, and raise money for Trump’s border wall.

The entrepreneurial 7-year-old subsequently opened a hot chocolate stand near a strip mall.

Here’s how the menu worked:

HC was $2 a cup. However, if you went for the “Nancy Pelosi,” you got big marshmallows. That cost fifty cents extra. Wimpier Beto O’Rourke” marshmallows were free.

Mom Jennifer was into it:

“I think it’s important that [our children] know what’s going on in the world, where we stand, what we believe in.”

Jen explained that Benton got the idea for the refreshing beverage business after watching Trump’s State of the Union address. The kid got the fever.

“Every day he would get off the bus and say, ‘Mom, can we go do my stand?'”

Few things are better than hot chocolate. Milk…cocoa…heat…Deeeee-LISH!

But the venture wasn’t so tasty to the more woke in the area. The go-getting tyke said some folks were really happy, but:

“Some people were mad and calling me a ‘little Hitler’ and stuff…”


And not accurate.

It seems to me that such characterization of a little boy — as well as the GOP — takes a special kind of dishonesty or historical ignorance. The former is frustrating to fight; the latter is a highly-contagious germ. Both can be battled with truth, but it’s a rough and raucus melee.


A growing number of the Left are socialists (here, here, and here); authoritarians (here, here, and here); race-baters (here, here, here, here, and here); they want to dispose of the unwanted (here, here, here, here and here). There was a group like that in the ’30s and ’40s, too…but I can’t quite think of their name.



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