Happy Valentine's Day: Florida School Teaches Romance to 6-Yr-Olds via a Tale of Gay Bunnies in Love



As the world cozies up to amore on this most romantic of days, some parents in Sanford, Florida are reeling from their First Graders’ exposure to cuddlebunnies of an unanticipated kind: gay rabbits.


A teacher at Pinecrest Elementary thought he’d school young tykes in the art of falling in love and getting married.

Enter, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo.

The John Oliver-presented book is a parody of Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, a book written by Mike Pence’s family about his pet bunny.

So it’s a twofer: homosexual cottontails, plus lampooning our leaders. Lesson complete.

In the book, Bundo loses his rabbit pellets over another dude. Sparks fly. They’re head over rabbit’s foot for each other, so the two bros get hitched.

The story, of course, aims to mock the VP’s stance on same-sex marriage.

Not every mom and dad appreciated the political and social activism, so they complained to the school district.

Parent Wendy Curry told local ABC affiliate WFTV it’s a parent’s prerogative to broach sensitive subjects with their children as they see fit:

“That’s for me to decide at home — what I want to teach my child and what I feel they are able to handle.”

Kraig Hudson recounted hearing the news of his grandson’s love lesson:

“I don’t think it’s fair they are not telling the other parents about what they read. Noah comes home one day and asks us if it’s okay for two male bunnies to get married. I said, ‘By our beliefs, no. But we do not judge nobody.’”


Given that the book wasn’t approved reading, the Seminole County School District is conducting an investigation.

What will come of it? Will concluding that the book should’ve been approved first — and then approving it — mean anything? Does a notice to parents make any difference? I don’t imagine the district banning Gay Bundo.

Issues of homosexuality are increasingly entering the political and legal domain — like here, here, and here. As for kids, we’re living in a world of gay Barbie and pre-pubescent drag queens (here, here, and Brandon Morse’s piece). Not to mention issues of transgender kids, such as a lesbian couple transitioning their son into a daughter (here) and one twin’s confusion as a divorced couple fights over the child’s gender (here).

One thing’s for sure: the topic isn’t going anywhere, and children’s exposure will continue to increase (here). Examples are everywhere, and they’re multiplying like rabbits. But not gay ones — because, you know, they can’t.



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