WATCH: Soldiers, Vets, 1st Responders, & Hollywood Pay Moving Tribute to Great American Gary Sinise



How about some good news?

To quote a previous article of mine:

So often, celebrities make headlines on conservative sites thanks to their left-wing radicalism (here and here), detachment from reality (here), abject ignorance (here), or other manifestations of absurdity (here, here, herehere, and here). But every now and then, there’s something different — such as Mark Walhberg’s commitment to daily prayer, James Woods’s outreach to a suicidal vetdirector Pete Berg’s patriotism, and Chris Pratt’s participation in the Daniel Fast.


Well, here’s more.

By all accounts, Hollywood’s Gary Sinise is one of the good guys (here). Unlike many others in Tinseltown, he’s eschewed political siding in favor of making the world a better place.

The Forrest Gump actor’s devoted much of his time to entertaining and aiding veterans and to helping children.

In a special video released Tuesday, a few of the many people touched by Gary’s efforts joined in a celebration of the star and his decades-long, tireless altruism.

The video begins with Jay Leno expressing thanks to Gary for his service to the military:

“You know, every time I go do a USO show or visit troops, I always get, ‘Hey Jay Leno, how ya doing? You know who was just here?’ ‘Who?’ ‘Gary Sinise. In fact, he’s been here three times. Is this your first time?’ ‘Yeah, this is my first time.’ ‘Yeah, Gary was here three times. Brought us a bunch of stuff, too.'”

The tribute goes on to feature first responders, political figures, vets, celebrities, and people Gary has helped over the years.

I could go on with description of the video’s content, but its best experienced as it was intended. Please check out the moving expression of gratitude for a humble and caring man below. A man who’s changed the world around him, for the better. Much better.


For more information on Gary’s good work, visit the official site of the Gary Sinise Foundation.



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